Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Painted Figures for Sale: Round 1

I have been rebasing a bunch of armies and have a lot of extra painted figures I don't need.  If you are interested in buying them, just send me an email at splinteredlightminis[at]gmail[dot]com.

All of the figures come individually and not on the bases.  If interested in them being based and flocked, I can do that but the price will be different.

Shipping is the actual cost to ship.

Army 1: Mostly Demonworld Elves: $110

In addition to what is shown, I have 1 unicorn rider, 2 badger warriors, 4 various spears, 3 2h swords, and 1 fanatic elf.

Painted Elves

Army 2: Demonworld Dark Elves $55

In addition to what is shown, I have 2 sword, 5 spear, and 2 archers

Painted Dark Elves

Army 3: Mostly Demonworld Dwarves $65

In addition to what it shown I have 3 guard, 1 slayer, 1 leader w/ mace, 2 warriors, and 1 bear cavalry

Painted Dwarves

Army 4: Demonworld Empire $65

In addition to what is shown I have 5 fighters, 2 squires, 16 foot knights, 3 plumed foot knights, 1 fighting monk, and 5 black cloaks.

Painted Empire

Army 5: Demonworld Thain $70

In addition to what is shown, I have 3 large bear clan warriors, 2 archers, 1 spear, 2 ghost bears, 1 wolf clan warrior, and 1 boatman

Painted Thain

Army 6: Demonworld Orcs $75

In addition to what is shown, I have 4 ogres, 5 trolls, 6 random orcs, and 1 orc spear

Painted Orcs

Army 7: Mixed Undead $75

Painted Undead

If you are interested in all 7 armies, I would do $500 plus free shipping.  An international customer would be actual cost of shipping.

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