Saturday, July 16, 2016

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Blisters and Boxes for Sale

I have a bunch of 28mm stuff I have realized I will never get around to using so I am offering it for sale.  Most comes in at about 30% off retail.  I am happy to do a little better if someone want the whole pile.  Email me at if interested. Thanks.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Figures for Sale—Sets Still in Boxes and Blisters

Khandish: $115
Khandish Chieftain
Khandish Horsemen
Khandish Hero in Chariot
Khandish Warriors
Khandish Chariots x2

Khan dish

Uruk Hai: $70
Uruk Hai with Crossbows (Blister)
Ugluk and Vrasku Uruk Hai Captains (Blister)
Feral Uruk Hai x2 (Blisters)
Isengard Troll (Box)
Uruk Hai Scouts (Box)

Uruk Hai

Easterlings: $75
Easterling Command (Blister)
Sulladan Ft and Mtd (Blister)
Easterlings (Blister)
Easterlings (Box)
Easterling Kataphrakt (Box)


Gondor and Allies: $245
Gondor Warrior Sprues
Axemen of Lossarnach x3 (Blisters)
Men at Arms of Dol Amroth x3 (Blisters)
Guards of the Fountain Court (Blister)
Dol Amroth Banner Bearer ft and mtd (Blister)
Warriors of Arnor x2 (Blisters)
Clansmen of Lamedon x3 (Blisters)
Forlong and Anador (Blister)
King Arnedon and Malbeth the Seer (Blister)
Dol Amroth Captain ft and mtd (Blister)
Gondor Seige Ballista (Blister)
Gondor Cavalry (Box)
Denethor and Boromir (Blister)
Gondor Trebuchet (Box)

Gondor and Allies
Rangers: $55
Arathorn and Halbarad (Blister)
Rangers of Middle Earth (Box)
Guardians of the Shire (Box)


Elves: $150
Elladan Ft and Mtd (Blister)
Elrohir Ft and Mtd (Blister)
Haldir’s Elf Captains (Blister)
Lorien Elf Bowmen x4 (Blisters)
Elf Spearmen x3 (Blisters)
Elf Command (Blister)
Wood Elf Command (Blister)
Wood Elf Sentinels (Blister)
Wood Elves (Box)
The White Council (Box)


Dragon: $30


Warriors of the Last Alliance x2 Boxes $30

Warriors of the Last Alliance

Dwarves: $80
Wardens of Westgate (Big Box)
Vault Warden Team x2 (Blisters)
Durin and Mardin (Blister)


Southerners: $40
Serpent Guard x3 (Blisters)
Suladan the Serpent Lord Ft and Mtd (Blister)


Riders of the Dead x4 Blisters $25

Riders of the Dead

Mordor: $175
Wild Warg Chieftain (Blister)
Troll Chieftain (Blister)
Mordor Troll (Box)
Troll Chieftain (Box)
Moria Goblin Shaman (Blister)
Moria Goblin Prowlers x2 (Blisters)
Mordor Orcs (Box)
Warg Riders (Box)
Morannon Orcs (Box)
Catapult (Box


Rohan: $150 (all blisters)
Erkenbrand ft and mtd
Rohan Outriders x4
Eowyn on Horse
Theodred ft and mtd
Rohan Captain ft and mtd
Rohan Banner Bearer ft and mtd
Eorl the Young ft and mtd
Rohan Royal Guard x2
Mounted Theoden

Dunlendings: $50
Dunlending Warriors (Box)
Dunlending Warriors x2 (Blisters)
Dunlending Warriors Command (Blister)


Various Undead: $75 (all Blisters)
Castellans of Dol Guldur x2
Witch King of Angmar ft and mtd
Morgul Stalkers
Dead Marsh Spectres x2
Khamul the Easterling ft and mtd

Various Undead

Gandalf in Cart $20

Gandalf in Cart

Wildmen of Druadan $20

Wildmen of Druadan

Scouring the Shire: $99
Scouring the Shire Box
Hobbit Archers (Blister)
Farmer Maggot and Dogs (Blister)
Sam and Frodo in Orc Armor (Blister)
Bilbo (Blister)
Bullroarer Took ft and mtd (Blister)
Hobbit Militia (Blister)
Hobbit Sheriffs (Blister)
Human Ruffians x2 (Blisters)

Scouring the Shire

Last Alliance Human Blisters x3 $18

Last Alliance Humans

Giant Spiders x2 Blisters $15

Giant Spiders

Mines of Moria $50

Mines of Moria


Go Murr said...

I am interested in buying a few of those from you. Just want to make sure that you ship to Canada?

AusPainter said...

Hey mate sent you an email regarding this stuff if its still up for sale

Abel said...

How I can contact you?
I am interested in several ítems.
A greetings

D.M.S Dead Marsh Spectre said...
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Marino Colpo said...


I have interest in buy some of your miniatures, particularly the Elves and Dwarves, If you still have them available send me a email.


Mr. Beaver said...

Hi David,

I hope you're well. I was wondering if these packages are still available?

If you could let me know, I'd be very grateful.


Pim Fiegel said...


I'm interested in some of the miniatures.

Can you send me an email if they're still available?

Thanks in advance!



Andrzej Paszkiewicz said...

Hi if you still have dunlendings please send me e-mail. Regards

knightwire said...

Hello David,

If you have any of these items left for sale I may be interested in taking them off your hands as I'm trying to fill out some armies. Please email me.


Dave said...

Any of these Lord of the Rings packages left? Getting back into painting these and I'm on a LotR kick :-)
another Dave

lysandros said...

How can i contact you for several miniatures?
thanks for all,

Patrick De Francesco said...

Anything still available?

Unknown said...

I sent an email as well, and I'm sure I'm far too late, but is there anything left?

Unknown said...

Hello is anything left ?

Unknown said...

Hello !!! I m.interested in mordor army anything left?? Thanks