Sunday, July 31, 2016

Painted 28mm Lord of the Rings Figures for sale

Painted Figures: Shipping will be an additional cost worked out at time of purchase.

Games Workshop LOTR Dwarves x22 $85
Vendel Dwarves x103 $400
**Both Groups $450

GW Dwarves

GW Dwarves

Gw Dwarves
Vendel Group


Bear Clan/Beornings x27 $100

Bear Clan

Dol Amroth Knight x7 cavalry and x7 infantry $85
Dol Amroth Foot Vendel x16 $60
Fisherfolk x6 $20
Axemen of Lossernoch x8 $25
Faramir’s Rangers x12 $45
Gondor Cavalry x6 $45
Gondor Infantry x12 $35
Rangers of the West x7 $30
**All Gondor Groups $325


Dol Amroth Foot

Faramir Rangers


Gondor Cavalry

Gondor Infantry

Prince Imrahil

Dol Amroth Knight Group

Rangers of the West

Evil Men:
Axemen x18 $70
Easterners? X27 $100
Southerners x24 $75
Hald-Trolls x12 $70
**All Groups $300



Easterling Group

Half Trolls


Tom Meier Orcs x40 $160
Games Workshop LOTR Orcs x5 Cavalry and 41 infantry $200
Vendel Orcs x86 $340
Vendel Goblin x47 infantry and 12 cavalry $280
**all groups $920
GW Orcs Group

Meier Orc Group

Vendel Orc Group

Vendel Goblin Group

Helms Deep Good
Elves x21 $80
Rohan Heroes x6 infantry and 3 cavalry, 54 infantry, and 31 cavalry $490
**Both Groups $550

Elf Group

Rohan Group

Uruk Hai x100 infantry, 1 bolt thrower, and 1 ram $340
Uruk Hai Group

Mixed painted x4  free with purchase of $500 or more

Goblins x4 free with purchase of additional $500

I would do all the painted for $2500

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Andreas Carl Tangen said...

Are any of these sets still available? Thank!