Sunday, August 7, 2016

28mm Dark Age Fort for Sale

Another 28mm clearance item.  This is a custom made 28mm Dark Age fort from the old Barb's Bunker.

The set includes 8 long straight pieces, 4 short straight pieces, 4 corner pieces, a back gate, a front gate, 1 long straight breach piece, and 1 short straight breach piece.  As shown it is 4 feet long!

I would like to get $400 plus actual cost of shipping.  I am also happy to consider delivery within a few hours of Atlanta if that is an option.

Email me at splinteredlightminis[at]gmail[dot]com if interested.

**Figures not included but pictured to show scale.

Assault on Front Gate

Corner Piece
Small Straight Piece
Back Gate
Back Gate Side
Front Gate Side
Front Gate
Straight Long Piece

Small Breach Piece

Long Breach Piece

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