Tuesday, July 31, 2018

28mm Dark Ages Figures for sale

I have various 28mm Dark Ages figures for sale.  They come as is and are from a variety of companies such as Gripping Beast, Old Glory, Artizan, Black Tree Designs, and Foundry.

Early Saxon Germanic $50 for roughly 53 Infantry and Cavalry

Foundry Vikings $60 for roughly 68 Infantry

Late Saxon $50 for roughly 57 infantry

Normans $30 for roughly 40 infantry and a couple of riders

Old Glory Vikings $15 for roughly 28 infantry

Irish and Picts $75 for roughly 80 infantry and cavalry figures

Romano-British $40 for roughly 40 infantry and cavalry figures

Shipping will be actual cost of shipping ($7 for small flat rate priority mail in the USA and $14 for medium flat rate priority mail in the USA).  I am happy to consider international sales.

I will take $250 for all of the above plus shipping.

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