Wednesday, July 4, 2018

15mm Painted Ancients for Sale

Greetings.  I am helping a friend who is near death sell some of his collection.  Everything sold as is and shipping will be actual cost--probably $14 for medium flat rate box.  I will wrap everything well and am also happy to meet someone with 1-2 hours of Atlanta, Georgia for face to face delivery.

Set 1: Republican Roman--Roughly 250 infantry, 9 cavalry and 2 bolt throwers $175

Set 2: Gauls--Roughly 240 Infantry, 6 cavalry, 6 chariots $175

Set 3: Random Dark Ages (?) stuff painted $20

I would be happy to do a deal and sell all of the above for $300 plus shipping.

Also, he has a bunch of what I think are chariot racing stuff

Chariot Set 1: 10 chariots $70

Chariot Set 2: 6 Chariots $40

Chariot Set 3: 6 unbuilt chariots and 2 completed chariots $30

Please email me at if interested.

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