Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Greens and New Range

Just wanted to post a few pictures of the new Wood Elf range Faron Betchley is doing for me as well as some animal mounts he has finished.

First, Faron did up what looks to be a great and unique looking treeman and a wood troll.  We are planning to do a couple more wood troll poses.  There are some wood elves next to them as size comparison.

Next, are six Wood Elf archers.  

Then we have some Wood Elf swords

Finally, are the raptor and sabertooths, which will work on their own or as mounts.  I think the hyena riders will look particularly good on them, though we will be doing various barbarian riders to go with them as well.

In the next blog, I will unveil our other new range, the dwarves!


dis said...

I must admit that I like the Dark Elves more than dem damn treehuggers ;-) - but the dryad and raptors look interesting.
And I guess that a lot of flat surfaces on those miniatures will make me go freehand-crazy again :)

Andrew said...

Excellent stuff. I commend you on making tree-people that don't look like the standard style. Your tree guy definitely has a character al his own. And cool prehistorics. I've been wanting a 1/72 plastic prehistoric set, but I just might have to go 15mm.

Chad Thorson said...

These are great! I've been waiting for your wood elves to come out!

KGatch113 said...
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