Friday, March 16, 2012

New Race: The Sons of Horus

Several years ago Rodrick Campbell of Highlander Studios showed me a green he had done of a hawk-headed Egyptian archer.  I loved it and we began planning to do an army of them.  Several other projects with Rod later, here are the first several packs for you to see.

First, is the command, which consists of a leader, standard, musician and priestess.

Sons of Horus Command

Second, is the warrior pack with 2 spear poses and 2 sword poses.

Sons of Horus Spears and Swords

Third, is the archer pack.

Sons of Horus Archers

Fourth, is the guard pack.

Sons of Horus Guard

Fifth, is the first of four gryphon poses.  I am really excited about these as there will be a pack of wingless gryphons, a chariot pulled by these fellows with harnesses added, and a pack of griffins with wings.  The gryphon pack will have 2 handlers, one of which will also be the charioteer for the chariot pack.


This should be a really fun army and hopefully the first of several Egyptian themed fantasy armies.  Though not a huge line, it will be perfect for Mighty Armies as well as a mercenary or allied force in the world of Pride of Lions.


Slorm said...

Interesting miniatures,
Could be great to convert them into Jaffas from Stargate

Jay said...


J said...

I definitely want to see some other forces in this theme. 15mm Wargods of Aegyptus would be pretty fun, and you could get truly huge armies on the table this way.

Pippoweb said...

Quote "J", more fantasy egyptian would be nice.
After Ra... Anubis, Sobek and so on.