Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good News and Bad News

First, the good news.  I do have some new packs available for the December sale as well as some preview packs.  The bad news is that I will not have most of the new codes available until the new year.  My mold maker is fantastic but very backed up at the moment.  So, if you were holding off participating in the sale until the new stuff came out, you may need to go ahead and order.  Here are the new codes I have available followed by the preview packs I have available.  None of these are on the SLM website yet so email me if you are interested at .

New Packs:

BECL01 Bear Clan Command (6) $5
BECL02 Bear Clan Warriors w/ Axes (12) $8
BECL03 Bear Clan Warriors w/ Spears (12) $8
BECL04 Bear Clan Noble Cavalry on Bears (6) $10 --these are SAXO14 riders on MISC15 bears
MISC17 Dire Hyenas (6) $6
DAEL07 Dark Elf Cavalry Command (4) $8

Preview Packs

DWARF01 Dwarf Personalities (8 unique figures) $8 x10 packs
DWARF02 Dwarf Bondi Command (12) $8 x4 packs
DWARF03 Dwarf Huscarl Command (12) $8 x3 packs
DWARF04 Dwarf Bondi (12) $8 x8 packs
DWARF05 Dwarf Huscarls (12) $8 x4 packs
MISC19 Saberooth Tigers (6) $9 x5 packs
MISC20 Raptors (6) $9 x5 packs
WOEL03 Wood Elf Swords (12) $8 x4 packs
WOEL05 Wood Elf Archers (12) $8 x4 packs
HALF06 Halfling Infantry Militia (12) $8 x5 packs
ORC11 Goblin Cavalry Command on Dire Hyenas (6) $10 x1 pack

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Greens from Faron

I love opening up and email and finding pictures of new greens.  I have really loved the stuff Faron has been doing recently and these newest greens are no exception.   First, are some bison.  We will eventually be doing a variety of barbarian type riders to go on all these mounts.

Next, are some heroes/captains for the specialty units of the wood elves.  Below are the king's guard captain and maiden guard captain. 

Here we have the ranger captain and the heavy infantry captain

Next, are some wood elf spears to go along with the swords and archers already completed.

Finally, are some armored fauns (soon to be joined by unarmored fauns).  I also have a comparison picture of a faun with a wood elf so you can get a sense of size comparison.

I am really excited about how this range is developing and think it will be a fun army to play and paint up.