Friday, November 25, 2011

End of Year Sale from Splintered Light Miniatures

Greetings.  I will be putting this up on the website with the sale prices changed but my web-guy is very busy at the moment so I wanted to go ahead and send out the announcement and let everyone know they can start the sale in the old fashioned way.  I am going to be offering a 20% off sale from today through midnight December 31, 2011.  For anyone who responds to this blog and as thanks for another year of great customers, I will be offering you 25% off until the changes on the website are made.  

I do have some new items not on the website.  Feel free to include them in the list of what you want.

WOEL08A Wood Elf Cavalry Command on Elk (6) $12
WOEL08B Wood Elf Cavalry Command on Horses (6) $8
WOEL09A Wood Elf Light Cavalry on Elk (6) $12
WOEL09B Wood Elf Light Cavalry on Horses (6) $8
WOEL10A Wood Elf Medium Cavalry on Elk (6) $12
WOEL10B Wood Elf Medium Cavalry on Horses (6) $8
WOEL11 Wood Elf Eagle Riders (3) $12
WOEL12 Wood Elf Princess on Unicorn (1) $2
ORC15 Orc Warriors 2 (12) $10
MISC23 Elk (6) $9
MISC24 Eagles (3) $9
DWARF14 Dwarf 2-H Axes
DWARF15 Dwarf Cutting Edge Axemen (12) $8
DWARF16 Dwarf Rune Guard (12) $8

If you email a list of what you want, I will be happy to send you a paypal invoice.  Also.  The goblin huts will be 10% off.  I have the following available

Set of Four Huts (4) $8
Shaman's Hut (1) $8
Chieftain's Hut (1) $8
Lean-To Tents (6) $8
A-Frame Tents (6) $8


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Greens of Wood Elves and Centaurs!

This is shaping up to be a great week.  I am on Thanksgiving break and just got these pictures from Faron Betchley.  I have loved seeing him develop the wood elf and woodland lines and am particularly excited by how the centaurs turned out.

First, are the wood elf females.  The infantry pack will have 12 figures and include 4 bow, 4 spear, and 4 sword castings.  The female cavalry will be mounted on unicorns, though there will be both a horse and elk option available.

Female Wood Elf Swords

Female Wood Elf Spears

Female Wood Elf Bows

Female Wood Elf Riders

Next, is the centaur command and personalities.  The centaurs will provide some much needed cavalry to the woodland forces.

Centaur Chieftain 
Centaur Druid

Centaur Hero

Centaur Heroine

Centaur Musician

Centaur Standard
Next, some centaur warriors

Centaur Warrior w/ Club 
Centaur Warrior w/ Spear

Female Centaur Warrior w/ Spear
Finally, is a group shot of centaur archers

Centaur Archers