Monday, September 5, 2016


From now through September 11, 2016, we are running a 20% off sale.  Just enter labor16 in the coupon section at checkout to receive the discount.

**please note that A Giant Deal and the Pride of Lions ruleset is not part of the sale as they are already heavily discounted.



Monday, August 8, 2016

28mm Late Saxons and VIkings for Sale

Here are some painted 28mm Vikings and Saxons.  There are 26 Saxon infantry and 1 mounted.  there are 29 Viking infantry and 1 mounted.

I would like $60 for each group plus shipping

The 2 figures in the Saxon picture (bareheaded fyrd) were sold as part of another lot and are not included.

email splinteredlightminis[at]gmail[dot]com if interested.

Saxon Group

Viking Group

Sunday, August 7, 2016

28mm Miniature Building Authority Hobbit House

I have a 28mm MBA Hobbit House for Sale.  I am asking $40 for it plus actual cost of shipping.

Email me at splinteredlightminis[at]gmail[dot]com if interested.

28mm Dark Ages Figures for Sale

I have 18 Saxons and 95 Romano-British for sale.  I would like $30 for the Saxons and $190 for the Romano-British but will do both groups for $200.  Buyer pays actual shipping.  The figures are a mix of Old Glory, Gripping Beast and Foundry.

Email me at splinteredlightminis[at]gmail[dot]com if interested.

Saxon Group

Saxon Close
Romano-British Group

28mm Dark Age Fort for Sale

Another 28mm clearance item.  This is a custom made 28mm Dark Age fort from the old Barb's Bunker.

The set includes 8 long straight pieces, 4 short straight pieces, 4 corner pieces, a back gate, a front gate, 1 long straight breach piece, and 1 short straight breach piece.  As shown it is 4 feet long!

I would like to get $400 plus actual cost of shipping.  I am also happy to consider delivery within a few hours of Atlanta if that is an option.

Email me at splinteredlightminis[at]gmail[dot]com if interested.

**Figures not included but pictured to show scale.

Assault on Front Gate

Corner Piece
Small Straight Piece
Back Gate
Back Gate Side
Front Gate Side
Front Gate
Straight Long Piece

Small Breach Piece

Long Breach Piece

Monday, August 1, 2016

28mm MBA Castle for Sale

In the quest to unload stuff I realize I am not going to use, I am adding an Miniature Building Authority castle.  It retails as best I can tell from the website for over $1500 and I am asking $700 plus actual cost of shipping.  I am also happy to discuss delivery in person to anyone within a few hour drive of Atlanta, GA.

Email me at splinteredlightminis[at]gmail[dot]com if interested.

 The set includes the massive keep for the middle of the castle, 2 sets of stairs, 4 corner towers, a sally port gate wall piece, a gate tower piece, the arrow palisade, and 8 regular wall pieces.

 miniatures not included but to show size.
bonus privy

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Painted 28mm Lord of the Rings Figures for sale

Painted Figures: Shipping will be an additional cost worked out at time of purchase.

Games Workshop LOTR Dwarves x22 $85
Vendel Dwarves x103 $400
**Both Groups $450

GW Dwarves

GW Dwarves

Gw Dwarves
Vendel Group


Bear Clan/Beornings x27 $100

Bear Clan

Dol Amroth Knight x7 cavalry and x7 infantry $85
Dol Amroth Foot Vendel x16 $60
Fisherfolk x6 $20
Axemen of Lossernoch x8 $25
Faramir’s Rangers x12 $45
Gondor Cavalry x6 $45
Gondor Infantry x12 $35
Rangers of the West x7 $30
**All Gondor Groups $325


Dol Amroth Foot

Faramir Rangers


Gondor Cavalry

Gondor Infantry

Prince Imrahil

Dol Amroth Knight Group

Rangers of the West

Evil Men:
Axemen x18 $70
Easterners? X27 $100
Southerners x24 $75
Hald-Trolls x12 $70
**All Groups $300



Easterling Group

Half Trolls


Tom Meier Orcs x40 $160
Games Workshop LOTR Orcs x5 Cavalry and 41 infantry $200
Vendel Orcs x86 $340
Vendel Goblin x47 infantry and 12 cavalry $280
**all groups $920
GW Orcs Group

Meier Orc Group

Vendel Orc Group

Vendel Goblin Group

Helms Deep Good
Elves x21 $80
Rohan Heroes x6 infantry and 3 cavalry, 54 infantry, and 31 cavalry $490
**Both Groups $550

Elf Group

Rohan Group

Uruk Hai x100 infantry, 1 bolt thrower, and 1 ram $340
Uruk Hai Group

Mixed painted x4  free with purchase of $500 or more

Goblins x4 free with purchase of additional $500

I would do all the painted for $2500