Saturday, August 6, 2011

Undead Pride of Lions Army

My friend Kevin Krause came by today with his undead army he painted up for Pride of Lions.  Kevin is a fantastic painter and did up a Romano-British army of Splintered Light figures but also has tons of other armies at his house.  This was his first foray into painting a fantasy army and he did a great job.  What makes this army so fun is the combination of many different companies' figures as well as the very creative base work.

First, a view of the whole army.  This will make a very large POL army with lots of different options.  He picked up some giant bats and bat swarms, as well as wraiths and spectres, so it will get even larger.

Whole Army

Second, his zombie horde is fantastic.  He designed the so that when all put together, it looks like they are ravaging through a warehouse area.


Next, are some of his skeleton hordes.  He has some standing on cobblestone streets and others breaking through cemetery gates.

Next, he did three units of werewolves.  My favorite is the unit that has just destroyed a wagon team.

Finally, here is the undead necromancer with a spell arising from his chariot.  There are lots more units I could/should show but I think this gives a nice sense of the army.  I look forward to playing against it soon!