Friday, May 15, 2015

14 New Packs and a Spring Sale!

We are excited to announce 14 new packs in our 15mm ranges as well as our Spring Sale.  All items in the Splintered Light web store are 20% off through Wednesday, May 20.  Just enter SLMSPRING15 to get the discount.

Our new packs come from four different sculptors.  First, are the Viking Shield Maidens, sculpted by Rodrick Campbell.   They come in packs of 12 with 6 different poses.

Viking Shield Maidens

Next, we have 2 packs from Ben Siens.  The Ettins are the 5th set of giants Ben has sculpted and are 28mm tall like the Hill Giants.  They come in packs of 2 with 2 poses.  Ben also added a pack to the Dark Elf line and we are calling them Dark Elf Corsairs, though they would work for a variety of unit types, including assassin or berserkers.  They come in packs of 12 with 3 different poses.


Dark Elf Corsairs

Our third sculptor's work is from Sandra Garrity and includes some wonderful monster additions to our Dungeon Crawl line--Manticores, Hippogriffs, Leucrotta, Chaos Panthers, Peryton, and a Green Dragon.  The Manticore come with a choice of 2 tails--spiked and scorpion.




Chaos Panthers


Green Dragon

Finally, Faron Bethley has contributed four new packs, including kobolds, hobgoblins, bandits, and giant weasels.  The kobolds come in packs of 25 with 15 different poses; the hobgoblins in packs of 24 with 15 different poses; the bandits in a pack of 12 unique poses; and the weasels are in packs of 6 with 2 unique poses.




Giant Weasels

The final pack is the China Collection set, previewed the other day.

You can see all of the packs and purchase them at

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Special 15mm China Collection Pack

Over the past year, my wife and I have been in the process of adopting a 2 year old boy from China. We are going to name him Caleb Robson McBride and our family (including big brother Archer and big sisters Winnie and Meg) is very excited to bring him home. The cost of adoption from China, including travel is roughly $35k. One of the ways we plan to raise the money for this adoption is through selling this pack, which costs $25. 

China Collection

One of the most amazing aspects of this project thus far is how generous our sculptors, moldmaker, and casting company have been.  I want to thank Sandra Garrity for her great work on the Kirin; give special thanks to Rodrick Campbell for his great work and donation of the Chinese Warrior sculpt; and also many thanks to Faron Betchley, who not only sculpted the Chinese Princess for free but took it upon himself to add the Chinese Dragon, 2 Foo Dogs, 2 Pandas, a Fox Spirit, and a Panda Kung Fu Master for free.  

Chinese Dragon with Various Paint Styles

Foo Dogs

Also, many thanks to Terry Ruff, who donated his time spent on the master mold and production mold for this set as well as to Connie and Russ at Old Glory 28s, who donated rubber for the two molds as well as the first 23 sets.  The kindness and generosity of these wonderful folk have truly touched my family's heart.

Kirin with 3 Different Paint Styles

After we have paid for the adoption, $22 of every set sold will go to House of Grace, the foster home in China that has taken such great care of our boy thus far and is a home to 15 precious children at a time. They live by faith for resources to come and do a great job with what they are given. It is our hope and prayer that we will be able to support them and their work long after Caleb is home with us.

Fox Spirit (Hsu Hsien)

Chinese Princess and Chinese Warrior

Included in the pack is a Chinese Dragon, 2 Panda Bears, a Panda Kung Fu Master, a Chinese Princess, 2 Fu Dogs, a Hu Hsien (Fox Spirit), all sculpted by Faron Betchley; as well as a Chinese Warrior, sculpted by Rodrick Campbell; and a Kirin, sculpted by Sandra Garrity. All figure are for 15mm.

Panda Kung Fu Master