Saturday, December 31, 2011

Special Deal for Last Day of 2011

Greetings, all and happy new year.  I wanted to take this last day of 2011 and offer everyone who reads the blog a special deal.  I have four lines that I will be offering between 35 and 40% off today only.  There will only be a certain number available and the first people to email me will get them.  I am including pictures of three new dwarf packs which are available but not on the website yet.

DWARF13 Cutting Edge

DWARF14 Rune Guard

DWARF15 2-H Axes
Here is what I have available

DWARF01-15 Normally $136--4 sets available at $85 each
DAEL01-08 Normally $60--2 sets available at $40 each
WOEL01-12 Normally $106--2 sets available at $65 each   Set includes elk mounts and not horses
ORC01-15 Normally $123--2 sets available at $75 each

Just email me with what you are interested in and I can send you a paypal invoice.  Email at

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pulp Figures Now Available!

The new range of 15mm pulp figures is now available.  You can get them here

Pulp Heroes and Villains

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Splintered Light Historicals and Copplestone Barbarian Comparisons

Greetings.  I decided to take some photos of my historicals next to the Copplestone barbarians and am really pleased with how well they work together.  The Copplestone figures will be appearing with my Irish as Wolf Clan warriors and with the Early Saxons and Bear Clan warriors as part of the Bear Clan.

Copplestone and Early Saxons

Copplestone and Romano-British Wolftails

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Pulp Packs Coming Soon

Greetings.  Here is a preview of some new Pulp packs I should have coming out within the week.  Faron Betchley had been sitting on these for a while and asked if I would be interested.  I really liked them and my wife has expressed an interest in playing some Pulp games at some point so I decided to go ahead and get them.

Heroes and Villains

Police Officers




Friday, November 25, 2011

End of Year Sale from Splintered Light Miniatures

Greetings.  I will be putting this up on the website with the sale prices changed but my web-guy is very busy at the moment so I wanted to go ahead and send out the announcement and let everyone know they can start the sale in the old fashioned way.  I am going to be offering a 20% off sale from today through midnight December 31, 2011.  For anyone who responds to this blog and as thanks for another year of great customers, I will be offering you 25% off until the changes on the website are made.  

I do have some new items not on the website.  Feel free to include them in the list of what you want.

WOEL08A Wood Elf Cavalry Command on Elk (6) $12
WOEL08B Wood Elf Cavalry Command on Horses (6) $8
WOEL09A Wood Elf Light Cavalry on Elk (6) $12
WOEL09B Wood Elf Light Cavalry on Horses (6) $8
WOEL10A Wood Elf Medium Cavalry on Elk (6) $12
WOEL10B Wood Elf Medium Cavalry on Horses (6) $8
WOEL11 Wood Elf Eagle Riders (3) $12
WOEL12 Wood Elf Princess on Unicorn (1) $2
ORC15 Orc Warriors 2 (12) $10
MISC23 Elk (6) $9
MISC24 Eagles (3) $9
DWARF14 Dwarf 2-H Axes
DWARF15 Dwarf Cutting Edge Axemen (12) $8
DWARF16 Dwarf Rune Guard (12) $8

If you email a list of what you want, I will be happy to send you a paypal invoice.  Also.  The goblin huts will be 10% off.  I have the following available

Set of Four Huts (4) $8
Shaman's Hut (1) $8
Chieftain's Hut (1) $8
Lean-To Tents (6) $8
A-Frame Tents (6) $8


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Greens of Wood Elves and Centaurs!

This is shaping up to be a great week.  I am on Thanksgiving break and just got these pictures from Faron Betchley.  I have loved seeing him develop the wood elf and woodland lines and am particularly excited by how the centaurs turned out.

First, are the wood elf females.  The infantry pack will have 12 figures and include 4 bow, 4 spear, and 4 sword castings.  The female cavalry will be mounted on unicorns, though there will be both a horse and elk option available.

Female Wood Elf Swords

Female Wood Elf Spears

Female Wood Elf Bows

Female Wood Elf Riders

Next, is the centaur command and personalities.  The centaurs will provide some much needed cavalry to the woodland forces.

Centaur Chieftain 
Centaur Druid

Centaur Hero

Centaur Heroine

Centaur Musician

Centaur Standard
Next, some centaur warriors

Centaur Warrior w/ Club 
Centaur Warrior w/ Spear

Female Centaur Warrior w/ Spear
Finally, is a group shot of centaur archers

Centaur Archers

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Special Offer for Splintered Light Miniatures Blog Followers

Okay, I meant to do this over the weekend but ended up in the mountains with no internet; it was a blessing and a curse but mostly a blessing! In honor of my favorite season, I would like to offer all my loyal customers and followers on the Splintered Light Miniatures blog 20% off through this weekend (Sunday October 16 by 11:59PM). I know it is inconvenient but if you email me a list of what you would like, I will send you a paypal invoice. Just mention you saw this announcement on the SLM blog. Feel free to tell your friends to come visit the blog.

New Dwarf Greens

Sorry for the long delay.  I am not sure where September went but here we are in October.  I just received some pictures from Whiff Waff of new dwarves.  He sculpted three packs due out soon but these will be coming out hopefully by December (depending on moldmaking schedules).  Some of these were inspired by some work and planning I have been doing for some Mighty Armies campaign books with Mike Renegar.

First, one of the dwarf armies will be led by a dwarf queen and her shield maidens.  Backing her magically will be a rune priestess.  Also with the rune priestess will be a new rune priest, to go in the generic dwarf army.

Shield Maiden Standard and Queen

Rune Priest and Rune Priestess

Next up are some engineers and artillery.  The engineers have open hands with a variety of tools that can be glued and and will be on sprues.

Artillery Crew




Assorted Tools
Finally, we have some new cavalry options.  The mounts are rams and they will have a mounted command as well as some mounted crossbows.  The new riders and mounts will also fit on the bears and the old dwarf cavalry will fit on the rams.

Gruff Commander

Gruff Standard

Mounted Crossbows
Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Large Mighty Armies Game

A couple of us decided to do a large Mighty Armies game with five armies per side.  Though MA works great for a quick 30 minute game, sometimes a large battle, taking a little longer is nice as well.  The great think about MA is it works well for large scale battles as well as small.

The forces of evil were primarily dark elves (basic boxed set, border guard, and a random mixture with cavalry) with some wolf clan warriors on one flank and a savage orc force on the other.  We wanted to try a variety of army types so the savage orcs had only 9 units but a very tough group of six, forming the core of the army.  The wolf clan is very quick but does not have a lot of heavy hitters.

Savage Orcs

Dark Elf Border Force

Dark Elves w/ Cavalry Command

Dark Elf Force

Wolf Clan

The forces of light were all of the woodland variety with woodsmen, Wyldewood, Oakheart, wood elves, and gnomes forming the large army.

Wyldewood and Woodsmen


Gnomes and Wood Elves

 The forces of light won the initiative and let the evil armies set up first.  After seeing the placement, the FoL set up in such a way as to put double pressure on one of the dark elf armies, since the slow moving orc force was a bit further away.  After each side placed their scouts, the game began.

The Battle Lines Ready Themselves

Not surprisingly, both sides sent forces to deal with the scouts.  The FoE sent a block of six against the woodland scouts (dryads and halfling rangers).  Much to the dark elves dismay, they did not hit any of the scouts but the scouts slowly whittled down the block.  In retrospect, the block of dark elves should have charged after the first round of bowfire.  The woodlanders sent two fast moving halfling bounder units to deal with the dark elf scouts and after losing a stand charged them and then finished them off with halfling militia.

Dark Elf Group Approaching Woodland Scouts

Dark Elf Scouts with Halfling Bounders Charging

The Scouts Get Finished Off

Over the course of several turns and each side having some poor command rolls, the dark elves in the center largely lost against the woodsmen, Wyldewood, Oakheart and the wood elves.  The dark elf groups could only really ever beat the woodsmen cavalry but other forces were there to keep them from taking advantage of the win.

The Lines Move Together

And From the Other Flank

The Woodsmen Cavalry Prepares to Charge

Forces Continue to Maneuver

From the Other Side

Groups Clash!

And Some Run Away

Interesting Developments


The Forces of Wyldewood Seize Control of the Field

Brother Against Brother

Trouble for the Dark Elves

Oakheart Moves to Crush the Middle

On the right flank, the gnomes and wolf clan traded casualties with some highlights, including a summoned mushroom unit charging a flank, the catapult slowly moving into position, quick moving wolf cavalry getting shot up, and the main gnome line having to run away.

Wolf Clan vs. Gnomes

Mushrooms Attack!

The Battle Lines Prepare to Fight

All in all, a very fun battle with the forces of light ultimately winning.