Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painted 28mm Fantasy For Sale

Tonight's offering is some painted 100 Kingdoms 28mm Panthera Tribe and Dinosaurfolk.

There are 17 Felines and I am asking $150, including shipping.  There are also a few unpainted models such as the bobcat blowgunners, lynx shaman on foot and mounted, and a standard.

There are 9 dinosaurs and I am asking $115 for the set, including shipping, which also comes with unpainted figures in various stages of completion.

Please email me at splinteredlightminis@earthlink.net if interested.  Thanks.

First, the Panthera tribe:

Second, the Dinosaurs:

Monday, February 25, 2013

Painted 28mm Carthaginians and Romans for Sale

In the quest to empty my basement of unneeded lead and get more miniatures made for Splintered Light Miniatures, I present to you a painted 28mm Carthaginian army and painted 28mm Republican Roman army.

These have seen some wear and tear, which is why I have them priced so low but some love and a little paint and glue should get most of them back up to fighting level.

Most of the figures are Old Glory and Foundry.

You can email me at splinteredlightminis@earthlink.net if interested.

I am asking $500 for the Carthaginian army, which includes shipping and $400 for the Roman army, which also includes shipping.

First, the Carthaginians.  The 5th picture is a unit that is not included in the army picture but does come with the army.

Next, the Republican Romans.