Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Various Sets of Miniatures for Sale

Some various sets for sale. Price included in caption.  Actual shipping costs on top of the prices below.  thanks.

Dark Crystal $75

28mm Dark Ages Figures for sale

I have various 28mm Dark Ages figures for sale.  They come as is and are from a variety of companies such as Gripping Beast, Old Glory, Artizan, Black Tree Designs, and Foundry.

Early Saxon Germanic $50 for roughly 53 Infantry and Cavalry

Foundry Vikings $60 for roughly 68 Infantry

Late Saxon $50 for roughly 57 infantry

Normans $30 for roughly 40 infantry and a couple of riders

Old Glory Vikings $15 for roughly 28 infantry

Irish and Picts $75 for roughly 80 infantry and cavalry figures

Romano-British $40 for roughly 40 infantry and cavalry figures

Shipping will be actual cost of shipping ($7 for small flat rate priority mail in the USA and $14 for medium flat rate priority mail in the USA).  I am happy to consider international sales.

I will take $250 for all of the above plus shipping.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

15mm Painted Ancients for Sale

Greetings.  I am helping a friend who is near death sell some of his collection.  Everything sold as is and shipping will be actual cost--probably $14 for medium flat rate box.  I will wrap everything well and am also happy to meet someone with 1-2 hours of Atlanta, Georgia for face to face delivery.

Set 1: Republican Roman--Roughly 250 infantry, 9 cavalry and 2 bolt throwers $175

Set 2: Gauls--Roughly 240 Infantry, 6 cavalry, 6 chariots $175

Set 3: Random Dark Ages (?) stuff painted $20

I would be happy to do a deal and sell all of the above for $300 plus shipping.

Also, he has a bunch of what I think are chariot racing stuff

Chariot Set 1: 10 chariots $70

Chariot Set 2: 6 Chariots $40

Chariot Set 3: 6 unbuilt chariots and 2 completed chariots $30

Please email me at splinteredlightminis@gmail.com if interested.

Friday, March 31, 2017

A Special Sale and Some Previews

I am offering an end of March-first of April sale for those who follow my blog. Just enter slmblog17 under coupon at checkout to receive 25% off your order. The sale will go from today through midnight April 3, 2017. You can see our products at splinteredlightminis.com

Also, here is a little preview of some packs we have the works from Ben Siens and Faron Betchley.

Dark Elf Heavy Crossbows

Scorpion Men 1

Scorpionmen Torsos

Monday, September 5, 2016


From now through September 11, 2016, we are running a 20% off sale.  Just enter labor16 in the coupon section at checkout to receive the discount.

**please note that A Giant Deal and the Pride of Lions ruleset is not part of the sale as they are already heavily discounted.



Monday, August 8, 2016

28mm Late Saxons and VIkings for Sale

Here are some painted 28mm Vikings and Saxons.  There are 26 Saxon infantry and 1 mounted.  there are 29 Viking infantry and 1 mounted.

I would like $60 for each group plus shipping

The 2 figures in the Saxon picture (bareheaded fyrd) were sold as part of another lot and are not included.

email splinteredlightminis[at]gmail[dot]com if interested.

Saxon Group

Viking Group