Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Greens from Ben Siens

Good evening.  I just received some new green pictures from Ben Siens.  First, is the savage orc command.

Second, is the first of the forthcoming dark elf polearms. I think Ben's stuff is just getting better and better in 15mm as seen with the dark elf's face.

 I hope you enjoy seeing them!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Greens for Druid's Children

Good evening.  Bob Olley has sent more pictures of some greens and the greens themselves are on the way to the moldmaker and caster.  I am really excited about these as they will complete two more hero packs.  The Faithful pack will have a prairie dog scout, a frog hero, a turtle wizard, an aardvark hero, and a raccoon highwayman.  The Rebel pack will have a coyote hero, a jungle rat chieftain, a jungle rat shaman, a possum hero, and a skunk hero.  The pictures he sent are small, but hopefully will give you a rough sense of what to expect.

Prairie Dog Scout

Frog Hero

Turtle Wizard

Aardvark Hero

Raccoon Highwayman

Possum Hero

Skunk Hero

Coyote Hero, Jungle Rat Shaman, Jungle Rat Chieftain

Monday, May 17, 2010

Painted Orcs from Ben Siens

Good evening.  Ben Siens, the sculptor of the Orc/Goblins and Dark Elves in the 15/17mm fantasy lines has sent me some pictures of some painted figures.  I think his paint jobs are fantastic and really show how great a job he did sculpting these figures

First, is the troll with club and goblin wizard (ORC06).

Next, is an assortment of orcs, goblins, and a troll with a rock.

Next is the giant warg (ORC05).

Next, is an orc taskmaster.  This is a big, mean dude!

Finally, is the dark elf dragonman warrior and sorceress.

Thanks to Ben for sharing these!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Assault into the Faithful Lands

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love Battlefield Terrain Concept pieces and have been getting lots of it at various shows to use in my games.  Some of the lovely pieces I have are bocage pieces for 28mm gaming.  I think these work great for a "walled" defense surrounding the Druid's lands.  

One of the campaigns I have in mind is a series of battle involving the Rebels invading the Faithful lands to pillage and destroy.  One of the first of these scenarios would be an assault on a gate into the Faithful lands.  I am planning to make a wooden gate and have some of the bocage pieces with gun placements to put archers/slingers in for defense.  

Included in this are some pictures showing roughly what I have in mind and the basic look of the bocage with the Druid's Children figures.  The top picture shows the whole area with three main points of interest.  First, at the top is the gun placement with archers defending; second, is the front gate with a badger lord and two hares defending against a variety of rebels; and third, is a gap in the hedge with two hedgehog pike teams defending.  The second picture is a close-up of the front gate, and the final picture is of the gun placement.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Raccoons Coming for Druid's Children

The Faithful will be getting some new reinforcements soon.  Bob Olley has completed 15 raccoon warriors.  I will have 4 different raccoon codes: command, swords, axes, and spears.  Enjoy!

I am really looking forward to getting some paint on these since I think how good a job Bob did on these will be more obvious when the colors of the raccoon are there.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Druid's Children Greens 1

One of my favorite moments as a miniature company owner is when a box of greens arrive.  Today I received a box of new Druid's Children sculpts from Bob Olley.  I will show them over the next couple of days, but the first up is a pack of villager personalities.  The pack will have 6 figures: a toad gentleman, a mole gentleman, a badger gentleman, a rat gentleman, a rabbit gentleman, and a muskrat lady.  These should be molded and cast up by the end of May or early June.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Rough Sketches

Good evening.  I wanted to post some rough sketches Faron Betchley did for me.  Please keep in mind these are simply to give a rough idea of what he is planning to get my thoughts and approval.

The first up is some necromancer and magic user types to go with the undead.  One of the things I love about Faron is that he comes up with lots of ideas that usually all look good to me.  Thus, what was going to be a couple of necromancers will now be two packs.  The plan is to have one pack with human necromancers and one pack with undead necromancers.

The next set of sketches are ideas for a basic look for some wood elves Faron will be starting.  These will be SLM's first foray into elves, so I am quite excited.  From what he has here, I am thinking of having several of these styles for the basic troops and then having one look be a king's guard, another look a heavy infantry type, and then having the rangers made up of the top row's ranger sketches.  I will also have a pack with basic female poses as well as a maiden guard pack.  There will, of course, be a variety of poses and other packs with heroes and command and cavalry, but this page of sketches is simply to establish some basic looks.

Feel free to fire away with any questions, and I will certainly be posting updates as I get them.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Painted Goblin Huts

Just wanted to post a quick picture of some goblin huts painted by my dad. They are under the fantasy building section at the SLM website. The shaman tent is being molded right now so hopefully will be ready to add to the bunch soon.

I see these as being very useful for skirmish gaming as well as camps for games like HOTT or just general battlefield terrain.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, after a long day of smoking 10 pounds of pork butt and hand pulling it apart for tomorrow, I am off to bed. But since tomorrow is likely to be packed with a dinner for graduating seniors my wife and I are close to, I figured I would go ahead and share a picture of some savage orc greens Ben Siens just sent me. This is his picture so I cannot make it any bigger than it is. Hopefully, it will give you a good sense of what will be coming soon, however.

Ben is planning to do a command pack for the savage orcs as well. Don't worry though; cavalry will be on the way for the orcs/goblins as well.

Good night.

Druid's Children and 28mm Comparison

One of the common comments I hear is that the Druid's Children are great figures but people do not game 15mm. The DC, along with the other Splintered Lands figures are really more 20mm and the DC would work great with 28mm. Below is a picture of a rat, a badger, and mouse next to some GW Lord of the Rings figures so you can get a sense of size comparison.

More scenario ideas later!

Greetings and welcome to the Splintered Light Miniatures blog. I am excited to try this out and am hoping it will spur me to be more consistent in my communications of SLM news, ideas, and plans. I am awaiting some sculpts from Bob Olley and will post pictures as soon as they arrive. I thought I would begin with some scenario ideas. The first round features the Druid's Children, in honor of the figures on the way from Bob.

Over the last few years of attending shows, I have built up an exciting collection of cool terrain. I love seeing a great looking table and have enjoyed getting a variety of terrain. Much of what I have from recent shows is Battlefield Terrain Concepts product. They do fantastic work and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

At Cold Wars, I picked up a huge hill with some neat rock formations at the top. It seemed perfect for a hillside stand scenario and so the first set of pictures is from a scenario I am working on where a badger lord and some mole miners, who are exploring some new mine locations, get surrounded and attacked by a group of Rebels.

The first picture shows the top of the hill and the basic layout. The rock formation has three entrances to defend, though the defenders will obviously need to worry about the enemy climbing over the rocks.

The next picture shows the badger lord defending against a pine marten, a weasel, and 2 foxes.

Finally, we have a mole defender standing against a ferret, a fox, and a rat.

I still need to work out the forces for each side and playtest but it should be a fun scenario. I will be using Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games and the stats for the figures will come from the Song of the Splintered Lands expansion.

More later and thanks for looking!