Saturday, April 11, 2015

15mm Viking Shield Maidens

Here is another set of greens that will be released very soon--Viking Shield Maidens!  Sculpted by Rodrick Campbell, these will be great additions to Viking armies, skirmish squads and even fantasy battles and RPGs.  Rod has done a fantastic job on these and I can't wait to paint mine up!

Shield Maidens
These will come with separate shields, just as they do with our other historicals.

More Shield Maidens

Friday, April 10, 2015

15mm Ettin Green

I am excited to show you the first of two Ettin greens from Ben Siens.  These will be the fifth addition to our line of giants.

Ettin Front

Ettin Rear
I am hoping to have these out sometime in May.  They are probably just going to miss a round of moldmaking in April.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Painted 15mm Romans/Carthaginians

I have painted units of 15mm Romans and Carthaginians for sale.  There are 218 infantry and 2 chariots.  I did not painted these myself but got them in a deal.

I would like $200 for the whole set plus $11 shipping but please feel free to make an offer.  You can email me at if interested.


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Painted 28mm Goblins for Sale

I have a complete set of Rebel Minis 28mm Darkhold Goblins for sale.  These are the figures from their successful Kickstarter.  I would prefer to sell the whole set but will sell sets of 4 for $60 (the 2 knights for $50).  I would like $200 for the complete set.  Email me at if interested.  Shipping will be $6 for individual sets or $11 for the whole set.


Whole Set of Goblins

Goblin Ranger, Assassin, Barbarian, and Fighter

Goblin Druid, Witch, Paladin, and Cleric

Goblin Guard

Goblin Henchmen

Goblin Knights

Goblin Villagers