Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year and New Greens

Happy new year to everyone!  I hope the holiday season has been good.  I thought I would show off some of the new sculpts finished at the end of this year.

First, is a new pack of dungeon encounters from Faron Betchley.

Harpies and a Intellect Devourer

Water Weirds

Corn, Cloaker, and Grell

Giant Spider

Second, is a pack of elementals from Faron.  I love the old school look of them as I am in the process of recreating the early D&D monster manual feel.

Fire, Water, Earth and Wind Elemental

Finally, are two new ratmen packs from Ben Siens--pack rat spears and assassins.  I think he might be working on another spear pose or two.

Pack Rats and Assassins

Thanks for looking!