Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Sale and Dragon Greens

It is my birthday month and so that means the annual Hobbit Birthday Sale!  From now through July 3, 2016, receive 25% off when you enter bday16 under coupon.  You can see everything at

White Dragon and Blue Dragon
Next, I want to preview 2 new dragons sculpted by Sandra Garrity--the white and blue dragon.  These will round out our chromatic dragon offerings in 15mm.

Finally, I have started an email newsletter so please email me at splinteredlightminis[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like to be added.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Packs Available!!

Splintered Light Miniatures is delighted to announce we have 8 new packs available on our online store.

First, are 2 new packs of orcs.  Sculpted by Ben Siens, the savage orcs now have some much needed missile troops, the orc heavies have a standard and the orc army has more leaders/heroes.

Savage Orc Javelins
Orc Command 2

Second, the Ratmen now have 2 new units, assassins and packrat spears.  These were sculpted by Ben Siens.

Ramen Assassins

Ratmen Packrat Spears

Next, is a pack of Golems and Constructs, sculpted by Faron Betchley.  There is a flesh golem, clay golem, stone golem, and iron golem as well as a bronze bull.  I also painted one up as a gorgon and it works great.

Golems and Constructs

Also sculpted by Faron is a pack of Classic Trolls.  There are three poses and 5 castings come in a pack--2 of each regular troll and 1 giant mountain troll.

Classic Trolls

Rounding out Faron's packs is a set of Dwarves Treasure Hunters.  There are 12 dwarves and 1 pony.

Dwarves Treasure Hunters

Finally is a set of 10 Fantasy Egyptian Heroes from Rodrick Campbell.  These are test runs for future Fantasy Egyptian armies/mercenaries to join the Sons of Horus and look great.

Fantasy Egyptian Heroes

You can see and purchase all of these at