Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More 28mm Dark Ages for Sale

I have more 28mm Dark Age stuff for sale.  Up next is a set of three armies to play out the events of 1066 with Normans, Vikings, and Late Saxons.  There are approximately 99 Norman Foot, 29 Norman Cavalry, 108 Vikings, and 97 Late Saxons.  Many of the Late Saxons are armored housecarls.  I would like to get $875 for these, including shipping.  I will also throw in some painted sheep, pigs and villagers.  Email me at if interested.



Late Saxons

Monday, January 28, 2013

28mm Dark Ages for Sale

Greetings.  For those of you following this to see new Splintered Light products, please pardon the for sale posts.  I am using the money to get new stuff made, however, so it is helpful to post here!

I have four 28mm Dark Age forces for sale.  The Romano-British are $430, the Picts are $240, the Irish are $185, and the Saxons are $370.  This includes shipping.  If someone were interested in getting them all, I would offer them for $1100 and this would include shipping.  That is over $100 off the cost.

The figures are a mixture of Gripping Beast, Old Glory, and Foundry.

You can email me at if interested.  Thanks.

First, the Romano-British:

Second, the Saxons

Third, the Irish

Fourth, the Picts