Monday, July 25, 2011

New Addition to the Splintered Light Team

It is with great joy that Splintered Light Miniatures announces the arrival of our newest addition--Margaret Vesta McBride.  Meg, as we will call her, weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Both mother and baby are doing great.

Meg McBride

The McBride Clan

We will be training Meg to pack orders over the next couple of weeks so if you have some problem with your order, please bear with us. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cyclops Army Officially Released

I realize I have shown these at various points but I thought I would showcase the new cyclops army today.

First, is the command pack, which consists of a chieftain, standard bearer, musician, and shaman.  The shaman is dressed in a bear pelt since part of the shaman's initiation is the slaying of a great cave bear.

Cyclops Command

Second, are the clubs.  These are the primary hitting force of the cyclops.

Cyclops Clubs

Third, are the stone throwers, serving as missile troops.

Cyclops Stone Throwers

Finally, are the giant cyclops.  Though much rarer, these are powerful beasts who can not only crush with their great rocks but also launch them at enemies.

Giant Cyclops

These were all sculpted by Adam Gaylord (Wiff Waff).  

Cyclops Army

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ratmen Greens

Ben Siens just sent a picture of the first 2 ratmen greens he did up, and I thought I would share them here.  He also did 3 ratmen dollies, which we will use to make more poses.  I am really excited about this project and think this army will make a nice addition to the 15mm fantasy world.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

20% off Sale at Splintered Light Miniatures

Greetings, all. With a new baby arriving soon and diapers not being cheap :), Splintered Light Miniatures is offering a 20% off sale through the end of July. The prices are already reflected on the website.
We have loads of new codes available, including 15mm dwarves, wood elves, orcs/goblins, cyclops, and animals.
Please note that the buildings in both the fantasy and Dark Age sections are out of stock at this time.
Also, please note that with the baby arriving at any time, I may be out of communication for a day or two at some point so do not panic if you do not immediately here from me or immediately have your package shipped.
Thanks for looking

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Ben Siens Orc Greens

As I was working on the new Splintered Light Miniatures Facebook page yesterday and today, I realized I had not posted a picture of a second pack of orc grunts Ben Siens did up.  He is currently working on some ratmen and based on the one picture he posted on TMP of one, I am really excited about this new range.

Orc Warriors 2

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mighty Armies Game Played Today

I had the privilege of two friends joining me for a couple of games of Mighty Armies today--Mike Renegar of Rebel Minis and Jeff Racel, who is also here in Atlanta.  We had a great time.  Mike and I played a game as Jeff was arriving, with Mike wanting to try out a Robin Hood themed army he had come up with. It is a nasty and fun little army with lots of shooting.

Pre-Battle Set-up
The second game was a three way with Mike playing the Robin Hood army, Jeff playing a dark elf army, and I played a wolf clan army.  The goal was to nab the captive sorceress from the village in the middle of the table and whisk her off the board.  The village was the same distance from all of us but we failed to take into account how far Mike I were starting from each other as compared to poor Jeff stuck in the middle.  We did establish a few ground rules since Mike had scouts and I had light cavalry, we said a regular infantry unit had to be the one to contact the prisoner and get her off the table.

Early Stage of the Battle
As the battle began, the wolf clan cavalry raced down the left flank towards the village and Robin Hood scouts, who had moved into the village.  The main battle lines of the three armies moved forward.

The Wolf Clan Battle Lines Approach the Dark Elf Forces

The dark elves split their forces into three battle groups with one moving towards the Robin Hood line and the other two shifting toward the wolf clan.

Fresh Meat!  Or Not. . .
On the left flank, the wolf cavalry and wolves lost two stands to Robin Hood shooting but managed to kill one stand and then maneuver into position to attack the final scout unit in the village.  After surviving two rounds of bowfire, the group charged and. . .TIED!  The next combat the wolves. . . LOST!  Losing the battle pushed the remaining unit into the building behind it and, bang, the whole group was lost.  Robin Hood's forces still maintained control of the village and the scout began holding it for another RH group to come pick up the prisoner/prize.

The Forces Close

Meanwhile, the dark elves learned the hard way about the power of RH's bowfire, with the three of the four units in the battle group moving against RH getting peppered with arrows.  They did manage to eliminate the third RH scout unit and one unit made a solid show of trying to snipe one of RH's units but to no avail.  RH sent one unit over to nab the prize while the main group moved toward the center, where the wolf clan forces were facing off against the remaining dark elf force.

Robin Hood with Friar Tuck and the Merry Men

Things Look Grim for the Dark Elves
After some fancy unit management by the dark elves and the wolf clan forces, the main battle lines closed.  The resulting combat left the wolf clan victorious and the dark elves facing away from the enemy and neatly trapped between RH and the wolf clan.  The dark elf sorceress was off to the side waiting for an opportunity to wreak havoc and the wolf clan crossbows and 1 warrior unit moved to try to counter RH's attempt to get and escape with the prisoner.

At this point, the wolf clan won initiative and rolled a two.  Mike and Jeff both expected me to hit the dark elves from the flank, likely wiping out that group and all of Jeff's forces with the exception of the sorceress.  I knew that doing that, however, would open me to Mike's withering fire and so I left the dark elves alone and move my crossbow unit up, successfully shooting the scout unit and then moving on to take out the unit holding the prize the next turn.

The dark elves realized that the best chance of victory lay in sending the general and dragonman against RH's forces and so did that.  They managed the victory and RH was suddenly on the ropes.

The Wolf Clan Warriors Make a Break with the Prize
 The wolf clan managed to snag the prize and began moving her towards the edge of the board as the rest of the wolf clan forces tried to buy time.

Poor Robin May not Escape This Trap
 After eliminating the dark elves in front of him, the remaining RH units, the heroes and Tuck moved forward.  Both spellcasters began trying to stop my weasely little warrior unit with bind spells.

The rest of the game ran pretty much as it looked like it would with the wolf clan warrior getting off the table.  There were several moments of excitement, however, as the dark elf sorceress blasted the wolf clan general, 1 warrior unit, and a werewolf unit, who were busy gloating over Robin's corpse.  

The Final Battle for Robin Hood

Overall, the game was a lot of fun and really highlighted one of the things I love about Mighty Armies.  It is really exciting to see key moments coming and going with the roll of dice.  Really, any one of the armies could have walked away with the victory and there were multiple moments where we expected one result and the unexpected suddenly occurred.