Thursday, December 26, 2013

End of Year Sale Special Offer

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  For this final week of 2013, I will be offering the following for everyone who spends $100 or more after the sale price has been discounted (and not including shipping)--a chance to win a preview pack of some of our items being released in 2014.

The first item someone might win is a pack of our forthcoming Troglodytes.  This pack comes with 12 figures and was sculpted by Faron Betchley.  It includes 1 chieftain, 1 hero, 1 shaman, 1 guard lizard, and 8 troopers.

Troglodyte Warband
The second item is a pair of Hill Giants, sculpted by Ben Siens.

Hill Giants
The third item is three dungeon monsters designed by Archer McBride (age 8) and sculpted by Faron Betchley.  These three figures are based on classic dungeon crawl monsters.

Carrion Crawler, Naga, Hook Horror.  
Each $100 spent will qualify the customer for a chance to win one of these sets.  The drawing will happen New Years day and winners will be notified via email.  If you ordered from me in the last week, please feel free to notify me that you would like to add to your order to increase it to $100.  If your order was over $100 in the last week, you are qualified to win.

Also, for those who qualify for the drawing, I will be holding your order until January 2.  If this is a problem, please let me know.

All of the figures won will come unpainted.

Thanks for another great year!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Packs Available!

I am really excited to announce the release of some new packs in several of our existing lines.

First, in the 15mm RPG area we have a Dungeon Encounters set, which includes figures similar to a roper, a beholder, a mind flayer, a shrieker, a gargoyle, a medusa, and an umber hulk.  These were all sculpted by Faron Betchley, who also did most of our player character figures.

Dungeon Encounters 1
Next, we have a new pack of ratmen.  The ratmen guards are a little bit taller than the warriors and will be an intimidating force in any ratmen army. They were sculpted by Ben Siens.

Rat Guard
We also have a new pack of 20mm Woodland Warriors.  This fourth pack of good heroes provides 2 shrew heroes, a mole hero, a hedgehog cellar keeper and a squirrel ranger.  They were sculpted by Bob Olley.

Woodland Heroes 4
The Sons of Horus have some heavy hitters in the form of gryphon cavalry.  Each pack contains 5 figures with spear plus a leader with a sword.  These were sculpted by Rodrick Campbell.

Sons of Horus Cavalry
Finally, we have three new animal/creature packs, which include a pack of pegasus, unicorns, and elven dogs.  These were sculpted by Rodrick Campbell and Faron Betchley.

Unicorns Standing

Elven Dogs
You can see all of these at and get them at 20% along with everything else in our store as part of the end of the year sale.  Just enter SLM13 at checkout to receive the discount.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

End of Year Sale at Splintered Light Miniatures

Splintered Light Miniatures' annual end of the year sale will begin tonight at midnight and will run through the end of the year. All items in the store will be 20% off. Just enter SLM13 at checkout to get the discount. Thank you for another year of support!  You can see the website at .  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Sale at Splintered Light Miniatures

Splintered Light Miniatures is offering 20% off from October 2, 2013 through October 13, 2013 since we will not be able to make any fall shows.

Please enter fall13 at checkout as the coupon code to receive the discount.

You can see everything we offer here

Thank you for your continued support.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

New 15mm Player Character Sets Now Available

I am excited to announce the release of three new sets of player characters for our growing RPG range. These were sculpted by Faron Betchley and are some of my favorite sculpts by him thus far.

First, is the Fighter set, Warriors of Might.  This set comes with 10 figures--7 male and 3 female.

Warriors of Might

Second, is the Magic User set, Warriors of Magic.  This set also comes with 10 figures--7 male and 3 female.

Warriors of Magic

Finally, is the Druids, Rangers, and Barbarians set, Warriors of Nature.  This set has 2 male and 1 female Druid; 3 male and 1 female Ranger, and 2 male and 1 female Barbarian.

Warriors of Nature

These packs are each $10 and available here

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Red Dragon with 28mm Figures

Since some have asked for a picture, I thought I would post a couple here.  Here is the red dragon with a 28mm young king from my 28mm Young Kings and Queens pack

Splintered Light Miniatures Unleashes 15mm Red Dragon

Splintered Light Miniatures is excited to announce the release of our massive new red dragon.

The Red Dragon defends his lair!
Sculpted in the classic style by dragon-master Sandra Garrity, this behemoth is all metal and measures 120mm from head to tail and is 70mm high to the top of the wings.

The Battle Continues
 This Red Dragon is the first in an ongoing series of classic style dragons to be sculpted by Sandra Garrity.

The Red Dragon retails at $29.99 and is available here

An Overhead View

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Hobbit Birthday Sale at Splintered Light Miniatures

It is time for the Splintered Light Miniatures Hobbit Birthday Sale. Since it is my birthday, you all get a gift. All items on the website will be 20% off until July 8, 2013. Just enter BDAY2013 as the coupon when checking out.

28mm Kings and Queens

Please be sure to check out the new items, including a pack of 28mm young kings and queens, 15mm RPG adventurers, as well as new packs in 15mm fantasy and historical.

15mm Treeman

15mm Goblin Light Cavalry

15mm Goblin Command

Monday, May 20, 2013

New RPG Character Range: Sneak Peek 3

For today's sneak peek, I present the Warriors of Shadow.  This set of 10 figures features 4 thieves, 3 assassins and 3 bards, including 1 female of each class.  Again, these were sculpted by Faron Betchley and I think he did a fantastic job on them.

Warriors of Shadow

Sunday, May 19, 2013

New RPG Character Range: Sneak Peek 2

Today I will showcase the Warriors of Righteousness set, which includes 4 clerics, 3 paladins, and 3 undead hunters.  7 of the characters are male and 3 are female.  Again, these were sculpted by Faron Betchley, and he did a fantastic job on them.

Warriors of Righteousness

My dad has already figured out which of these characters will be leaders and spellcasters in his Godfearers army for Pride of Lions.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

New 15mm RPG Character Range: Sneak Peek 1

Over the last year, I have been planning and getting figures sculpted for a 15mm player character range.  They have been sculpted by Faron Betchley and are coming along very well.

I will have 7 initial sets.  The first will be a mixed set of types from existing figures I already have.  The second, which I am previewing today will be an undead hunter crew made up of undead hunters, clerics, paladins, a ranger and a rogue.

The other sets will be Warriors of Might (Fighters), Warriors of Magic (Magic Users), Warriors of Righteousness (Clerics, Paladins, Undead Hunters), Warriors of Nature (Rangers, Druids, Barbarians), and Warriors of Shadow (Thieves, Assassins, Bards).

Here is the undead hunter crew, which features 3 undead hunters, 2 clerics, 3 paladins, 1 ranger, and 1 thief.

Undead Hunter Crew

Friday, May 17, 2013

Behold, the Red Dragon!

After a too long hiatus, I am happy to begin putting some of the new stuff up that Splintered Light Miniatures has coming out in the next few weeks/months.  First up is a red dragon by the very talented Sandra Garrity.  Sandy is awesome at dragons and this one is no exception.

Red Dragon with 15mm Hyenaman as reference

From the other side

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painted 28mm Fantasy For Sale

Tonight's offering is some painted 100 Kingdoms 28mm Panthera Tribe and Dinosaurfolk.

There are 17 Felines and I am asking $150, including shipping.  There are also a few unpainted models such as the bobcat blowgunners, lynx shaman on foot and mounted, and a standard.

There are 9 dinosaurs and I am asking $115 for the set, including shipping, which also comes with unpainted figures in various stages of completion.

Please email me at if interested.  Thanks.

First, the Panthera tribe:

Second, the Dinosaurs:

Monday, February 25, 2013

Painted 28mm Carthaginians and Romans for Sale

In the quest to empty my basement of unneeded lead and get more miniatures made for Splintered Light Miniatures, I present to you a painted 28mm Carthaginian army and painted 28mm Republican Roman army.

These have seen some wear and tear, which is why I have them priced so low but some love and a little paint and glue should get most of them back up to fighting level.

Most of the figures are Old Glory and Foundry.

You can email me at if interested.

I am asking $500 for the Carthaginian army, which includes shipping and $400 for the Roman army, which also includes shipping.

First, the Carthaginians.  The 5th picture is a unit that is not included in the army picture but does come with the army.

Next, the Republican Romans.