Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More Greens from Faron Betchley

Several more photos to show.  First up are the giant weasels, who I had Faron sculpt to come out as the same time as the kobolds.

Giant Weasels with Kobold Leader

Next, are a set of 12 bandits Faron did for me back in December but with the flu and general not feeling good, I never got them up.



Saturday, February 14, 2015

15mm Kobold Greens

Last night I received some pictures of kobold greens from Faron Betchley.  I am really excited about these and they will be great additions to our classic dungeon crawl range.  Please note the leader poses still needs hands added but you will get the idea of look nevertheless.

Kobold Axes and Spears

Kobold Clubs

Kobold Leader, Guards, and Magic User 
Kobold Swords and Spears

Sunday, February 8, 2015

New 15mm Fantasy Packs Available

After several months of not much being released, we are making up for it in February.  In addition to the Late Saxons, we also have a bunch of new fantasy packs available.

First, are some Fire Giants sculpted by Ben Siens.  This pair rounds out our four primary giant tribes but we are planning to have him do a cloud giant, a storm giant, and some ettins in 2015.

Fire Giants

Second, is a set of three Chimera poses by Sandra Garrity.  She did a great job on these and is currently working on some conversions for 5 more packs of classic monsters.


Third, are some undead packs from Faron Betchley.  He did our entire and massive undead line and I think these nicely round out some of the key missing pieces.



Classic Vampire

Next, are some additions to the character sets.  The henchmen will provide some much needed labor and heavy lifting for any adventuring party and the four female adventurers are a nice addition to our already large adventurer line.  The henchmen are the work of Faron Betchley and the Females are from Ben Siens.


Female Adventurers

Finally, is a fun set of Bugbears from Faron Betchley in the classic look.  He is currently working on Kobolds and will do Hobgoblins after that.


The Late Saxons Have Arrived!

Huzzah!!  After several years and various self-imposed delays, I am excited to announce the release of the Late Saxons.  This line was sculpted by Rodrick Campbell and he has done a fantastic job.

You can see the individual packs here but below I will show you some units I painted up.

First, I will show you the Personality pack, which comes with 6 unique figures.

Late Saxon Personalities

Second, here is a look at 2 units of Standing Fyrd.  I love how the shield wall turned out.

Standing Fyrd

Third, is a look at 2 units of Charging Fyrd.

Charging Fyrd

Next, is a unit of Huscarls and a unit of Thegns.

Huscarls and Thegns

After this comes a unit of Huscarls with 2H Axes (I also included some Viking Huscarls with 2H Axes and think they work great together) and Mounted Thegns.

Huscarls w/ 2H Axes and Thegn Cavalry

Finally, is a unit of slingers and a unit of archers.

Slingers and Archers

Rod did a really great job with these and I am excited to use this army
 in a new set of rules my dad is working on.

Late Saxon Army