Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Special Offer for Splintered Light Miniatures Blog Followers

Okay, I meant to do this over the weekend but ended up in the mountains with no internet; it was a blessing and a curse but mostly a blessing! In honor of my favorite season, I would like to offer all my loyal customers and followers on the Splintered Light Miniatures blog 20% off through this weekend (Sunday October 16 by 11:59PM). I know it is inconvenient but if you email me a list of what you would like, I will send you a paypal invoice. Just mention you saw this announcement on the SLM blog. Feel free to tell your friends to come visit the blog.

New Dwarf Greens

Sorry for the long delay.  I am not sure where September went but here we are in October.  I just received some pictures from Whiff Waff of new dwarves.  He sculpted three packs due out soon but these will be coming out hopefully by December (depending on moldmaking schedules).  Some of these were inspired by some work and planning I have been doing for some Mighty Armies campaign books with Mike Renegar.

First, one of the dwarf armies will be led by a dwarf queen and her shield maidens.  Backing her magically will be a rune priestess.  Also with the rune priestess will be a new rune priest, to go in the generic dwarf army.

Shield Maiden Standard and Queen

Rune Priest and Rune Priestess

Next up are some engineers and artillery.  The engineers have open hands with a variety of tools that can be glued and and will be on sprues.

Artillery Crew




Assorted Tools
Finally, we have some new cavalry options.  The mounts are rams and they will have a mounted command as well as some mounted crossbows.  The new riders and mounts will also fit on the bears and the old dwarf cavalry will fit on the rams.

Gruff Commander

Gruff Standard

Mounted Crossbows
Thanks for looking!