Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving and clearing out sale part 1

Splintered Light Miniatures will be moving this fall and I am looking to unload some items so that I will not have to move them.  We are not moving far--15 minutes closer to Atlanta--but I would love to take as little as necessary.  Also, I am planning to use any money I make from this to speed up a big sculpting project that I am working on for a new 15mm line.  Right now I can do a little at a time but the first few figures have looked so good, I want to keep it moving along!  If I am able to hit a high enough $ amount to keep it moving at a good pace, I will start posting teaser pictures.  Apparently, I am not above bribery or blackmail!!

Anyway, here is the painted stuff I have.  It is all 28mm.  I have more pictures so feel free to email me if anything catches your fancy at splinteredlightminis[at]earthlink[dot]net

First, I have some Vendel Dwarves.  These are really nice figures; some of my favorite 28mm dwarves.  They just feel dwarfy.  There are 103 of them and I am asking $500 for the lot.

Next, are the GW Rohan forces.  
GW Rohan Foot (48):                          $240
GW Rohan Mounted (24):                    $240
GW Rohan Guard Foot (6)                   $30
GW Rohan Guard Mounted (6)            $60
GW Rohan Characters (7)                    $50

Next, are the GW elves.  20 of them for $100

Next, are the GW dwarves.  22 for $110

Next, the Vendel men of the West with 18 for $90

Next, Vendel and Foundry Bear Clan Warriors. 25 for $125

Next, GW and Thunderbolt Mountain orcs and warg riders.  5 warg riders and 81 orcs for $450.  on the left of the picture.

To the right of the picture are the Vendel orcs and warg riders.  12 wolf riders and 95 orcs for $600.  another picture below.

Next, are vendel goblins.  40 for $200

Next, Black Tree Design Easterners, Axemen, and Half-Trolls.  55 total for $300

Finally, are the GW Uruk Hai.  102 plus a ram for $500

I think the total for all of this comes to just over $3600 but if someone were interested in the whole lot, I would drop to $3000.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I wanted to take today and show you some conversion stuff I have been doing.  One of the things I love about 15mm is that a no talent like me can take a do some pretty neat and easy conversions.  I decided to take a show how easy it is to make some mounted hyena heroes or even just plain warriors.

First, here are the 4 figures I used for the conversion.  The one on the left is from HYEN02 and the one on the far right is the chieftainess from HYEN05.  The two riders are the poses from HYEN07.

Second, I took an xacto knife and some heavy duty nail clippers and cut these four figures in half.  The nice thing about these poses is that they divide very easily and without too much mess.

Next, I glue the halves together.  I use zap-a-gap.  Though the halves do not really look great lined up, I have found extra glue and a coat of primer really takes away the obvious dividing lines.

Fourth, I glue them onto their mounts.  I know there is a variety of thought on this but I like glueing the metal to metal and then painting the mount and rider while attached. 

Fifth, I glue them onto a craft stick and prime.  Note how the dividing line largely disappears (if you can with the horrible picture!!).

Finally, here is the finished product.

I have done lots of these types of conversions and find them easy and fun.  I have replaced sword hands with spear hands and have also drilled out hands after clipping weapons to turn a figure into a standard bearer.  At 15mm, it is easily done and looks great.