Friday, May 20, 2016

New Sculpts from Faron Betchley

Faron sent me some photos of new sculpts last night and I am really excited!  I have loved dwarves since first introduced to The Hobbit is a young boy, and Faron's idea to do a line of dwarf treasure hunters and adventurers sounded great to me!  Here is the first set, Dwarven Treasure Hunters.  He also did a pack of classic looking trolls (with one giant mountain troll), which will be another important addition to our classic dungeon crawl line.

Also, we extended our 20% off sale through Sunday, May 22, so please feel free to take advantage of the savings.


Dwarf Expedition Leader, and Map Bearers

Dwarf Sage and Mage

Dwarf Torch  Bearer, Lantern Bearer, and Female Rogue
Dwarf Treasure Bearers
Pony and Dwarf Handler
Dwarven Treasure Pieces 1
Dwarven Treasure Pieces 2


Jay said...

Got me...good!

tagalong said...

The dwarves remind me of the old d&d grenadier box set. Very good work as usual!!��