Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good grief!  It has been too long since the last post.  A sister-in-law's wedding, a Disney/beach trip, and Origins have all kept me from getting anything new up.  Hopefully, the next few days worth of posts will make up for it.

Splintered Light had a great time at Origins and met a lot of new friends and caught up with a lot of old ones.  Thanks to all who were there and said hi (and bought something!!).  Dad ran a bunch of demo games and sold some Pride of Lions as well as Song of the Splintered Lands books.

I will share more from Origins later this week but wanted to give you the first of several previews of some new stuff from Faron Betchley.  I shared some of the artwork a month or so ago for the wood elves and necromancers and have some pictures of the greens.  Tonight I will show you the necromancers.

First up is the human necromancers.

I think these turned out wonderfully and am particularly excited about the shamans towards the end of the line.

Next up is the inhuman necromancers.


These will form two packs, each with 6 figures.  I think they will round out the undead range nicely, which is up to 41 codes now that these are out! 

Finally, I will be running a sale from now through the end of July.  All items will be 20% off (except buildings, SPACE01 and SPACE02).  Just send me an email at splinteredlightminis[at]earthlink[dot]net with what you want and I can send you a paypal invoice. 


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These are beyond cool!