Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Druid's Children Greens

It is always fun to wake up to pictures of greens!  Bob Olley sent me these pictures of the next batch of Druid's Children releases.  

First, is the beaver warriors.  I love the look of the tree limb clubs.

Next, is the frog warriors.  I know these will make some of you very happy!

Third, are the armadillo warriors.

and from the rear so you can see the armor

Fourth, are the skunk warriors.

Finally, the possum warriors.  I think these will also work as big rats for those who would rather have more rats than possums.

These should be ready late August.


La Long Carabine said...

You do make some totally awesome figures.

Could we get some sizes from sole of feet to eyes? Looking to add them to my 1/72 fantasy stuff as usual.


LLC aka Ron

Splintered Light Minis said...

You definitely can once I have them in hand.

ADB said...

Love the frogs - looks like it they may be too late to add to the current order :-(

Will you be adding depth to the ranges? Most figure sets need a good selection of foot, distance weapon (sling/bow etc) and mounted to make a balanced army or will you limit yourself to a small number of differing troop races?