Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving and clearing out sale part 1

Splintered Light Miniatures will be moving this fall and I am looking to unload some items so that I will not have to move them.  We are not moving far--15 minutes closer to Atlanta--but I would love to take as little as necessary.  Also, I am planning to use any money I make from this to speed up a big sculpting project that I am working on for a new 15mm line.  Right now I can do a little at a time but the first few figures have looked so good, I want to keep it moving along!  If I am able to hit a high enough $ amount to keep it moving at a good pace, I will start posting teaser pictures.  Apparently, I am not above bribery or blackmail!!

Anyway, here is the painted stuff I have.  It is all 28mm.  I have more pictures so feel free to email me if anything catches your fancy at splinteredlightminis[at]earthlink[dot]net

First, I have some Vendel Dwarves.  These are really nice figures; some of my favorite 28mm dwarves.  They just feel dwarfy.  There are 103 of them and I am asking $500 for the lot.

Next, are the GW Rohan forces.  
GW Rohan Foot (48):                          $240
GW Rohan Mounted (24):                    $240
GW Rohan Guard Foot (6)                   $30
GW Rohan Guard Mounted (6)            $60
GW Rohan Characters (7)                    $50

Next, are the GW elves.  20 of them for $100

Next, are the GW dwarves.  22 for $110

Next, the Vendel men of the West with 18 for $90

Next, Vendel and Foundry Bear Clan Warriors. 25 for $125

Next, GW and Thunderbolt Mountain orcs and warg riders.  5 warg riders and 81 orcs for $450.  on the left of the picture.

To the right of the picture are the Vendel orcs and warg riders.  12 wolf riders and 95 orcs for $600.  another picture below.

Next, are vendel goblins.  40 for $200

Next, Black Tree Design Easterners, Axemen, and Half-Trolls.  55 total for $300

Finally, are the GW Uruk Hai.  102 plus a ram for $500

I think the total for all of this comes to just over $3600 but if someone were interested in the whole lot, I would drop to $3000.


Chance of Gaming Podcast said...

Who is a good media contact at Splintered light?

Andrew said...

Oh man. You built a Vendel LOTR army and you're getting rid of them? Tsk-tsk. I've got a whole big mox of them. which I am slowly painting. Best 28mm LOTR minis out there, in my opinion.