Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cold Wars Mighty Armies Master Preview

Here is a look at the various armies I will have available at Cold Wars for Mighty Armies.  Mike and I will gradually be releasing them over the next few months but all of the sets will be available at Cold Wars in a week.

Azrag's Savage Horde

The Bear Clan

The Cult of the Bloody Sun
The Dark Dwarves
The Dark Elves
Eaters of the Dead
The Leonines
Logres Border Guard
Orcs and Goblins
Dal Riada
The Picti
The Saexmen
Vampire Lord
The Wolf Clan
The Wraith Lord
The Wyldewood Federation
Rebel Minis Dwarves
Rebel Minis Swamp Dwellers
The Dark Elf Border Force

The Dwarves
The Cave Imps

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