Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Wood Elf Greens

I am really excited to show the latest greens from Faron Betchley.  I am really loving the way the wood elves and woodland stuff is coming along and think these are going to be fantastic armies!  The three sets of greens are maiden guard (which I am thinking need some shields but we will see), rangers, and dryads.  I think the dryads in particular are really unique and beautifully done.  I really feel like they have a sense of flowing trees and branches.  Anyway, here are the pictures.

Wood Elf Maiden Guard

Wood Elf Rangers



Dunc said...

Rangers and Dryads are fantastic - good enough to make me seriously consider them for Mighty Armies/Pride of Lions when I get the Saxons finished.

The Maiden Guard are nice clean sculpts, but missing something though.


Libraryninja said...

Nice. I really like the dryads - they seem very "Narnia" to me.

Tim said...

Can we have some comparison photos between the ranges, or with a little ruler in shot, so we can see how they wold work with other figures?