Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Greens

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  Here are some greens I have been meaning to put up for a little while.  I am hoping these will be ready by the end of the month or early October.

First, we have some wood elf cavalry.  The wood elves have need some cavalry for a while and these will make nice additions.  The primary mount option is elk, though packs will be available for horses as mounts.

Wood Elf Cavalry Command

Wood Elf Light Cavalry

Woof Elf Medium Cavalry w/ Spear

Wood Elf Medium Cavalry w/ Sword

Elk Mounts

Next up we have some wood elf eagle riders.

Wood Elf Eagle Riders

Last up for the wood elves is a princess/druidess on a unicorn.  We are planning some unicorn guard cavalry to go with her relatively soon.  All of the wood elf stuff was sculpted by Faron Betchley.

Wood Elf Princess on Unicorn

Finally, we have King Shade, the dark elf priest king, sculpted by Ben Siens.

King Shade, Dark Elf Priest King


Rodrick Campbell said...

Those are nice. I really like the way the stags look.

Splintered Light Minis said...

Thanks. I am really excited about how the wood elves and woodland armies are coming along. A few more infantry units and 1 or 2 specialty cavalry units will see the wood elves done.

chuck said...

Those wood elves look great.

Dunc said...

Looking to be a very good range indeed David.

When are hoping to get them released?

Splintered Light Minis said...

They are at the mold maker and I am simply waiting for my stuff to get to the front of the line. I have fingers crossed for early October.

Cité-en-jeux said...

Great !


Graham said...

The cavalry are much needed. Can't wait to get some elves on elks.

commanderroj said...

Not yet appeared on the store? i am hoping to put in a Dark Elf order, but i would like the King too. Any chance of a queen to go with him?