Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Packs Available

Alright, alright, alright.  I finally have some new packs up.  The majority are adding to the 15mm dwarf line, but I also have two new elf packs, 2 new animal/beast packs, and 1 new bear clan pack

First, the dwarves.  I have a bunch of new packs here, including artillery, infantry, and cavalry.

Dwarf Ballistae

Dwarf Catapult

Dwarf Engineers
Dwarf Shield Maidens

Dwarf 2H Axes

Dwarf Cutting Edge

Dwarf Rune Guard
Dwarf Cavalry Command

Dwarf Light Cavalry

Dwarf Heavy Cavalry

Next, are two new wood elf packs.  Both are female wood elves--one set is an infantry pack with 2 sword, 2 spear, and 2 bow poses and the other set is 1 sword and 1 bow pose cavalry.  I have them riding unicorns but am happy to substitute horses for those who want them.  I can also sell them with elk for $12 if people are interested in matching them with the male riders.

Wood Elf Female Infantry 
Wood Elf Female Cavalry

Next is the bear clan cavalry.  I have a picture of them riding bears but for those who want the Wendel from 13th Warrior, I have them mounted on horses but need to paint some up to show.

Bear Clan Cavalry

Finally, we have two new packs of animals.  First, are some unicorns, and second are a pack of rams.

These are all available via the Splintered Light Miniatures web store-- www.splinteredlightminis.com .


Lead Legion said...

Some very nice sculpts in there. And some very, very nice ones as well.

MadDrMark said...

In all my years of gaming, I've never understood the appeal of dwarves in either RPGs or tabletop minis. This set is starting to change my mind. Very cool without being over-the-top. And my daughter will never forgive me if I do not add a unit of unicorn cavalry to my fantasy army.

Emilio said...

Nice minis. I like the elf cavalry.