Monday, January 28, 2013

28mm Dark Ages for Sale

Greetings.  For those of you following this to see new Splintered Light products, please pardon the for sale posts.  I am using the money to get new stuff made, however, so it is helpful to post here!

I have four 28mm Dark Age forces for sale.  The Romano-British are $430, the Picts are $240, the Irish are $185, and the Saxons are $370.  This includes shipping.  If someone were interested in getting them all, I would offer them for $1100 and this would include shipping.  That is over $100 off the cost.

The figures are a mixture of Gripping Beast, Old Glory, and Foundry.

You can email me at if interested.  Thanks.

First, the Romano-British:

Second, the Saxons

Third, the Irish

Fourth, the Picts

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