Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Packs Available!

I am really excited to announce the release of some new packs in several of our existing lines.

First, in the 15mm RPG area we have a Dungeon Encounters set, which includes figures similar to a roper, a beholder, a mind flayer, a shrieker, a gargoyle, a medusa, and an umber hulk.  These were all sculpted by Faron Betchley, who also did most of our player character figures.

Dungeon Encounters 1
Next, we have a new pack of ratmen.  The ratmen guards are a little bit taller than the warriors and will be an intimidating force in any ratmen army. They were sculpted by Ben Siens.

Rat Guard
We also have a new pack of 20mm Woodland Warriors.  This fourth pack of good heroes provides 2 shrew heroes, a mole hero, a hedgehog cellar keeper and a squirrel ranger.  They were sculpted by Bob Olley.

Woodland Heroes 4
The Sons of Horus have some heavy hitters in the form of gryphon cavalry.  Each pack contains 5 figures with spear plus a leader with a sword.  These were sculpted by Rodrick Campbell.

Sons of Horus Cavalry
Finally, we have three new animal/creature packs, which include a pack of pegasus, unicorns, and elven dogs.  These were sculpted by Rodrick Campbell and Faron Betchley.

Unicorns Standing

Elven Dogs
You can see all of these at and get them at 20% along with everything else in our store as part of the end of the year sale.  Just enter SLM13 at checkout to receive the discount.

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