Thursday, February 27, 2014

Undead Vs. Undead Hunters

Last week I played another game with my son, Archer.  He loves the undead and so I played Edric Kane's undead hunting team ( ), made up of 3 undead hunters, 3 paladins, 2 clerics, a ranger and a thief.  The battle was a lot of fun and though the undead hunting team started strong, they got cocky and underestimated the might of the necromancer--much to their doom.

Archer Showcases the Battlefield

The Goal!

First Wave of Zombies Approach

The Paladins Engage the Zombies
The Wraith and Ghouls Join the Fray
The Team Attempts to Break Through the Entryway

And Discover the Might of the Raise Dead Spell

Sorry I do not have more pictures or more story but limited on time and wanted to go ahead and get these up.


ADB said...

Love the table and the game looks great!

Hetairoi Wargames said...

Awesome table and minis!