Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Painted 28mm Goblins for Sale

I have a complete set of Rebel Minis 28mm Darkhold Goblins for sale.  These are the figures from their successful Kickstarter.  I would prefer to sell the whole set but will sell sets of 4 for $60 (the 2 knights for $50).  I would like $200 for the complete set.  Email me at if interested.  Shipping will be $6 for individual sets or $11 for the whole set.


Whole Set of Goblins

Goblin Ranger, Assassin, Barbarian, and Fighter

Goblin Druid, Witch, Paladin, and Cleric

Goblin Guard

Goblin Henchmen

Goblin Knights

Goblin Villagers

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