Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall Sale and Preorder Packs!!!

From 10/9/15 through 10/18/15 Splintered Light Miniatures will be running a 25% off sale. All items in the store will be 25% off (the exception to this is A Giant Deal). Just enter fall15 in the coupon space at checkout to receive the discount.

Also, please note that I am offering a preorder deal for the five new packs coming out later this month. They are in the process of being molded and cast so I should have them within a few weeks. I will hold orders including the preorder packs until they have arrived

The preorder special will be for all five packs together and each pack cannot be preordered individually.  If you are interested in more than 1 pack of the ogres, bullywugs, or pig-faced orcs, please send me an email at as I will be happy to work out a deal for you.  The packs are as follows

1. Ogres--Sculpted by Ben Siens.  pack of four with one of each pose

Ogre Warriors

Ogre Chieftain

2. Pig-Faced Orcs--sculpted by Faron Betchley. pack of 24 with 15 different poses

Pig-Faced Orc Polearms and Shaman

Pig-Faced Orc Leader and 2 Guards 
Pig-Faced Orc Warrior, Crossbow, and Archer

Pig-Faced Orc Warriors

Pig-Faced Orc Warriors

3. Bullywugs--sculpted by Faron Betchley. pack of 12 with 7 different poses

Bullywug Warriors

Bullywug Warriors 
Bullywug Chieftain far left and Shaman far right

4. Half-Orc Characters--sculpted by Faron Betchley. pack of 10 with 10 different poses

Half-Orc Female Barbarian, Undead Hunter, Female Assassin, and Fighter

Half-Orc Paladin, Cleric, and Druid

Half-Orc Ranger, Assassin and Barbarian

5. Dragonmen Characters--sculpted by Faron Betchley. pack of 10 with 10 different poses

Dragonman Female Barbarian and Male Fighter

Dragonman Female Wizard, Male Paladin and Male Undead Hunter

Dragonman Male and Female Clerics

Dragonman Barbarian, Figher/Magic-User, and Fighter


Joe Kushner said...

How tall are the ogres? I'm a 28-32mm user but they look like they could be good 'cavemen' or something along those lines.

Splintered Light Minis said...

I have not seen them in person yet but I think they are somewhere between 22-24mm

Kersus said...

Dangit, just missed the sale by two days..... Orcs and Bullywugs look great!

David McBride said...

Pop me an email and we can make something work!