Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Scenario 1: Part 1--Kobold Ambush

In the first scenario of "Adventures in the Splintered Lands," a dragonman fighter/mage receives a telepathic message from a fellow dragonman mage that her band of adventurers has been ambushed and slaughtered by a vile necromancer.  She alone survived and is being held captive.  Before she can reveal where, the message was cut off.  The dragonman gathered a group of allies and set out to find and rescue (or avenge) his friend.

The Adventuring Band

The group was made up of a dragonman fighter/wizard, barbarian, undead hunter, paladin, 2 clerics, and 2 fighters; a human ranger, paladin, and undead hunter; and an elf assassin.

In the first turn of the scenario, the group moved up to and began climbing into a ruined building.  Immediately a horde of kobolds with 2 giant weasels poured out of passageways and the building towards the adventurers, who were divided by climbing in various parts of the building.

The Dragonman Undead Hunter, Cleric, and Fighter
In the roll for initiative, the kobolds won and charged the group.  The kobold mage got off a lucky charm spell and took over the human paladin, who turned to fight the dragonman barbarian.  Fortunately, neither did any damage to the other.  A first wave of kobolds fell before the adventurers but more were waiting behind.

First Round of Combat

The Fall of a Ranger
As the bulk of the band continued engaging the kobolds, the human ranger and elf assassin each charged a giant weasel.  The elf assassin made quick work of his opponent but the ranger failed to kill the weasel and ended up surrounded and wounded by the kobold chieftain.  In the next round of attacks and the ranger fell.   The kobold chieftain was then surrounded by 2 adventurers and the elf assassin charged the weasel, looking for payback.

The Elf Assassin Tries to Avenge the Ranger

He failed.

The Battle Winds Down

Over the next couple of turns, the adventurers whittled down the kobolds forces.  The kobold chieftain fell before the fighter/mage and cleric and the undead hunter put a bolt through the eye of the kobold mage.  The dragonman undead hunter climbed the stairs and slaughtered the kobold warriors on the battlements.

Dragonman Undead Hunter Finishes off the Kobolds

Now two men down, the adventurers gathered to move to the next stage of the quest to rescue their friend.

The Surviving Band Gathers


Dan said...

Nice, good conversions on the dragon men as well.

Splintered Light Minis said...

Thanks. The dragonmen are actually part of a new pack available at splinteredlightminis.com