Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Dark Elf Greens

Well, I had a fun weekend attending Siege of Augusta.  It is a fun little show, and I always enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones.  My dad went and ran a few Song of the Splintered Lands demos and Mike Renegar from Rebel Minis and I played a good bit of Mighty Armies with my dad joining in last night for a big three way battle--I lost.

While there, I received an email from Ben Siens with a photo of the forthcoming Dark Elf personality pack.  I am really excited by these and hope you enjoy them.

From left to right: Sorcerer, Master Assassin, Heavy Infantry Captain, Ranger Captain
Keep an eye out on the Splintered Light Miniatures website as I should have 10 or so new packs going up this week.  I should also have some masters of the Gnomes and Cave Imps Whiff Waff did and will post here as soon as they arrive and I photograph them.  The figures should be available early February.


Slorm said...

Oh yes!!!, give more hooded troops!

Tom Crandall said...

Awesome stuff

Dunc said...

Elves not my bag (yet), but really looking forward to the Gnomes and Imps!