Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Product on Website!!

Great news!  I have a bunch of new packs online and ready to sell with more coming soon.  Here is what I have available:

HALF06 Halfling Militia (12) $7
HALF07 Halfling Militia Cavalry on Pigs (6) $7
HALF08 Halfling Militia Cavalry on Ponies (6) $7
BECL01 Bear Clan Command (6) $5
BECL02 Bear Clan Warriors w/ Axe (12) $8
BECL03 Bear Clan Warriors w/ Spear (12) $8
BECL04 Bear Clan Cavalry (6) $12
ORC11 Goblin Cavalry Command on Dire Hyenas (6) $12
ORC12 Goblin Cavalry on Dire Hyenas (6) $12
DAEL07 Dark Elf Cavalry Command (4) $8
MISC17 Dire Hyenas (6) $9
MISC18 Pigs (6) $5
MISC21 Wolf Pack II (6) $5
WOEL03 Wood Elf Swords (12) $8
WOOD02 Treeman (1) $4

I do not have pictures of the MISC packs yet but you can see what the dire hyenas and pigs look like with the cavalry pictures.  I will have pictures of the MISC packs up next week.  You can see everything and order at

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