Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Painted Gnomes

The gnomes are now on the Splintered Light website and ready to be ordered.  You can see them and purchase them here .  Here are some painted pics I snapped quickly tonight.  I love how these fellows are shaping up and will have more pictures tomorrow.

Gnome Infantry

Snail Battle Wagons

Mushroom Herders

Gnomes and Gnogres

28mm comparison

15mm comparison


Brother Joseph said...

Go to bed David! silly, lovable man you.

Anonymous said...

The Gnomes look great!
They do look to be on Mighty Armies bases David... interesting :)

Rodrick Campbell said...

Gnogres are great.

Brother Joseph said...

Yeah they are...with their big red hats, you have to love that sort of style.

Splintered Light Minis said...

Thanks, guys.

Ben, they are on MA bases and I will have some announcements here over the next couple of days about a bunch of new MA armies SLM is doing alongside Mike's stuff.

Alcidas said...

How tall are these gnomes? Head-to-toe in millimetres please?