Friday, June 10, 2011

Lots of New Stuff

Okay.  More playing with the new camera.  Still working on the manual focus but overall I am pleased with the beginnings of how these are turning out.  Here is a mix of new stuff and some other pictures I took.

First, we have some new dwarf packs sculpted by Wiff Waff including king's guard, veterans, berserkers, shield maidens, rangers, heavy cavalry command, and heavy cavalry.

Dwarf Shield Maidens

Dwarf Rangers

Heavy Cavalry

King's Guard

Dwarf Veterans

Dwarf Berserkers

Dwarf Cavalry Command

Next, we have some new wood elf packs, including rangers and maiden guard.  These were sculpted by Faron Betchley along with the dryads.

Wood Elf Rangers

Wood Elf Maiden Guard


Dryads with Foliage

Dryads with Foliage 2

Next, are two orc packs by Ben Siens: orc heavies and orc archers.

Orc Heavies

Orc Archers

Finally, is another Mighty Armies force: The Conquistadwarves, available from Rodrick Campbell of Highlander Studios.  The army features five pike units, two crossbow units, a priest spellcaster, and a general.  I particularly like the priest stand with the dwarf hero and the halfling quartermaster flanking the human priest.

Mighty Armies Conquistadwarves Force

Mighty Armies Conquistadwarves Force 2


Rodrick Campbell said...

Santiago! Muerte a los orcos!

Brother Joseph said...

Good Lord Have Mercy!!!
Been busy huh?

The Extraordinarii said...

Great stuff, especially the Orc Heavies,

are there any of the following coming..... more Goblin /Orcs, Wizards, Paladins, thief/Assassins

Trying to get a party of adventurers going ...:)

Splintered Light Minis said...

Thanks, all. I do plan to do some adventurer types relatively soon. You might look at some of the historical personality packs I have as well as the Robin Hood personality packs.

Spudeus said...

I also plan to buy plenty more orcs! And I'd like to chip in a vote for aHalfling personality pack (e.g. ringbearer, stalwart companion, gentlehobbit smoking pipe, depraved skulking halfling, etc.)

Spudeus said...

I plan to buy plenty more orcs! I'm hoping for a Halfling personality pack at some point (e.g. ringbearer, stalwart companion, depraved skulking halfling, etc.)