Monday, June 27, 2011

Still Playing with New Camera and Demonworld Comparisons

Greetings.  Just back from Origins and had a great time!  Great bunch of people up there and always fun to hang out with my dad and Mike from Rebel Minis.  I have had a couple of people ask for SLM and Demonworld comparisons and I snapped a few quick pictures of the requests people had.  I apologize for the fuzziness of a couple of the pictures.  I am still learning the new camera and playing around with the manual focus with limited success.

First, is a stand of SLM orcs with the DW orcs on the right.

Second, are some 15/17mm SLM fauns on the left, DW elves in the middle, and a 20mm SLM faun on the right.

Third, are a 20mm SLM faun on the left, DW humans in the middle, and some 15/17mm SLM fauns on the right.

I am really excited Ral Partha Europe will be re-releasing the DW range and wish them the best of luck with it.

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