Monday, May 21, 2012

2nd Edition Pride of Lions Now Available!

Yes, yes, yes!  After a crazy few weeks of taking pictures, editing, and proofreading, Pride of Lions 2nd Edition is now ready.  This was a real labor of love by my dad, John McBride, and is a really fantastic set of fantasy mass combat rules, though it works great with Ancient and Dark Ages battles as well.  Here is the intro from the website:

Pride of Lions 2nd Edition

This 122 page ruleset seeks to provide a fast and fun game of fantasy mass combat. It is the designer’s belief that the best games result from a combination of simple rules mechanics and the opportunity for the players to make many decisions.

In PRIDE OF LIONS the role of each player is that of the commanding general of the army or warlord of the horde. Magic, and the courage and skills of individual heroes, can affect the game, but the outcome of the battle will depend mainly on the clash of large units of common fighters operating under the general’s orders.

Each turn begins with players issuing orders to eligible units by laying inverted movement chits behind each unit. After a magic phase, which can result in a unit’s orders being changed involuntarily or randomly, all orders are revealed and movement is conducted simultaneously by all sides but in a strict sequence, with the most aggressive movement (charges) coming first and skirmishers going last. Both melee combat and missile fire are conducted through opposed die rolls, using dice of various sizes from D4s to D24’s, with the difference between the die rolls determining the outcome. Factors such as terrain, magic, special weapons and tactics, and leadership and heroism by characters all affect the game either through the movement chits or the die rolls.

WHY A SECOND EDITION? HOW IS THIS ONE DIFFERENT? We have a LOT more experience of gaming with these rules now, and 2nd edition reflects lessons learned. There are numerous tweaks, as well as places where a longer explanation seemed necessary for clarity. There are lots of photos, partly to show off our miniatures but also as examples of play. And there are some substantial changes:

1. The point system is completely revised, with much greater detail, and applies now to characters as well as to units.

2. Dwarven rune magic is much more detailed.

3. Godfearers’ “magic” – prayer and spiritual gifts – is also far more detailed and extensive.

4. Spirits are developed further.

5. There are more and longer generic army lists and spell lists.

6. And the movement sequence of air units is better.

The PDF comes in black and white but we do have color available if desired. Simply purchase the version here and then email us at for the color copy.

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Eric Burgess said...

Great looking cover! Love teh game too.