Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Fantasy Packs and SALE!!

I am happy to announce the release of six new packs as well as a sale!

First, are the ratmen, including a command pack, a warrior pack, and a slinger pack.  There will be a personality pack coming out in the next month but I wanted to go ahead and get these on the website.  These were sculpted by Ben Siens.  You can see and purchase them here .

Ratmen Command

Ratmen Warriors

Ratmen Slingers

Second, are the new centaur packs as part of our woodland line.  The three packs in include a command pack, a warrior pack, and an archer pack.  These were sculpted by Faron Betchley.  You can see and purchase them here .

Centaur Command

Centaur Warriors

Centaur Archers

Finally, from now through Thursday, May 24, we will be offering 20% all purchases from the Splintered Light Miniatures web-store.  From the shopping cart just click on Coupon/Promotion Code and then enter slmmay for the code.  This should give you 20% off.


Graham said...

Working out my ratmen order now!! Are there going to be any more packs being designed for them after the personality pack?

Splintered Light Minis said...

Yes, I am hoping to add a guard pack, an assassin pack, rat ogres, cavalry as well as some more basic warriors at the very least. I am thinking this line will develop like the orcs/goblins and the dark elves over time.

doc mcb said...

What will the cavalry be mounted on? I vote for scorpions!

Tomsche said...

Ordered some Dark Dwarfs

Maybe in the future an arquebuss armed variant? ;)

Graham said...

Ratman order placed. Looking forward to the other packs and hope that maybe a skaven armed with arquebusses pack may also become available.

Graham said...

My ratmen miniatures have arrived today and these look absolutely fantastic in the flesh - or metal anyway :) Can't wait for the rest of the line to come out.....