Sunday, December 9, 2012

Painted Carthaginian Army for Sale

I have another army I am trying to unload and use for greens.  This is a painted Carthaginian army based for Field of Glory.  It is a mix of newer figures painted by me and older figures painted 20+ years ago.  There are 70+ cavalry, 235+ infantry, 2 elephants, 4 chariots, and command.  I would like $350 for these plus $11 shipping.  Please note that some of the figures are well used.  Email me at

The Army

Carthaginian Cavalry and Spanish Cavalry

Gaul Cavalry and Numidian Cavalry

Light Cavalry

Chariots and the Older Infantry 
Elephants and Heavy Infantry

Heavy Infantry

Baeleric Slingers  and Heavy Infantry

Spanish Infantry


Katzenstein said...

I put your blog down as one of my favorites with the Liebster Award.
You can see more info at:

Lead Legion said...

Another great looking little army.