Saturday, November 27, 2010

Forthcoming Packs Part 2

Today, the halflings.  Though I have loved having the halfling warders Sandy Garrity did for me, I have been wanting some militia types as well.  When Rod Campbell showed me some pics of a few halflings he had randomly done up, I jumped at the chance to get them and have him do more.  The militia infantry pack will have 9 unique sculpts, including slingers, farm weapons, and a leader.  The cavalry will have three poses and choice of pig or pony mounts.

Militia Infantry

Miltia Cavalry on Pigs

Militia Cavalry on Ponies


Andrew said...

Excellent. I like the concept of halflings as militia. I converted some old 28mm Grendaier halflings to be me militia men.

Do you think these could work well if mixed with 1/72 figs? How tall are they?

Splintered Light Minis said...

I am thinking these would be too small for 1/72. I think they stand 10mm and are proportioned well for 15mm.

Jason said...

How do these match up in size with your older halfings?

Splintered Light Minis said...

I need to doublecheck but I think they are dead on size wise.