Saturday, November 27, 2010

Forthcoming Packs Part 3

Tonight I figured I would showcase the new stuff from Ben Siens.  Ben has done the orc/goblin line as well as the dark elf line.  I think he is beginning work on some dark elf characters so that should be a lot of fun.  The four packs I will be releasing are the dire hyenas, goblin cavalry command, and goblin cavalry as well as the dark elf cavalry command.  The goblins will come with the dire hyenas but will also fit on any of the other mount types I have.  I imagine the dire hyenas will look great with the hyenamen cavalry Sandy Garrity did as well and plan on adding some to my Hyena army.

Goblin Cavalry Command

Goblin Cavalry 

Dark Elf Cavalry Command

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ADB said...

Those Dark Elf figures are great. Nice to see no spikes etc. but still significantly different from the normal wood elves.